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The Largest Star in the Universe – Size Comparison

#space #galaxy #Saturn #Hypergiants #Education
We created our first app ‘Universe in a Nutshell’, together with Tim Urban of Wait but Why!
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Sources & further reading, https://sites.google.com/view/sourceslargeststar
Wait But Why, https://waitbutwhy.com/
Video on Red Dwarfs, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS-VPyLaJFM&vl=pt
What is the largest star in the Universe? And why is it that large? And what ARE stars anyway?
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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell photo 1 The Largest Star in the... Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell photo 2 The Largest Star in the... Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell photo 3 The Largest Star in the... Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell photo 4 The Largest Star in the...

We created our first app ‘Universe in a Nutshell’, together with Tim Urban of Wait but Why! You can get it here:
Google Playstore:
Oh boy. Making an app is hard. It seemed so easy when we started. We underestimated the necessary work load and all the potential problems tenfold – this is not a figure of speech, this took ten times longer than we thought it would. And we are sort of used to working on big projects. So the first update to the app should hopefully be here in the next 24 hours (we are waiting for approval of the update in the app stores) – it will fix a bunch of small things that slipped through. We’ll constantly improve this thing because while it was honestly a horrible nightmare to make, it also was fun and we want to get better at it and make more things in the future. In case you don’t know Wait but Why btw, it is the best and most fun blog on the internet ( and if you don’t know it you should change that like right now. Tim and I collaborated for the first time in 2013 and we have been good friends ever since. And this thing was something we started talking about years ago.
So what is this thing we made and why? You can seamlessly travel from the smallest things in existence, past the coronavirus, human cells and dinosaurs all the way to the largest stars and galaxies and marvel at the whole observable universe. You can learn more about each object or simply enjoy the sheer scale of it all. It’s a fun plaything. The app is inspired by the “scale of the universe” website by the Huang Twins that Tim and I spent a lot of time with when it came out years ago – and felt that it was finally time to create a Wait but Why and Kurzgesagt version.
There are no in-app purchases and no ads. All future updates are included! Since this is our first app we would love to hear your feedback so we can improve it over time. Leave us a five star review if you want to support it. Kurzgesagt and all the projects we do are mostly funded by viewers like you. So if you like the app we’ll make more digital things in future! Ok! Thank you for reading – Philipp

by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 3 months ago

When Kurzgesagt videos are getting more and more visually pleasing with every upload.

by Rafipuff 3 months ago

If one of these giant stars just died, for us, they will only dissappear after thousands of years, depending how far from earth they are.

by Demonal 1 month ago

Brown dwarf: exists

Kurzgezagt: extreme disappointment

by Lemonade Seeds 3 weeks ago

Why do I feel sorry for brown dwarfs
"They are a massive disappointment"

by Emily Davies 1 week ago

"We want to talk about stars, not failed wannabe stars."

Damn Kurzgesagt, calm down with the insults

by Kazuma Satou 1 month ago

I have a small feeling Kurzgesgat had some childhood grudges against brown dwarfs.

by Justin Y. 3 months ago

"a failed star that is a disappointment to their mum"
I felt that

by Max Dukhovskoy 5 days ago

"to make the biggest stars... we have to kill them"
me: well, when you kill them, they DIE, and are... dead

by Alex Shi 2 days ago

Remember when VY Canis Majoris is the largest star ? time has passed.

by Ernest Jay 1 week ago

"To make the biggest stars, we have to kill them." Real world advice.

by Fulcruman 4 weeks ago

That final zoom out with the brilliant orchestral swell.. just incredible.

by Max Box 3 months ago

When we thought ants were small...

They actually were

by chueyee Moua 1 week ago

Can we just talk about the art style of this?? Omg its amazing

by Sneez B 3 weeks ago

Kurgeszgat: “Not failed wanna be stars” The brown dwarf: *sad brown dwarf noises*.

by WolfPlayz 23 hours ago

When u mistakenly increase the brightness in a game

by Cube_Gaming 4 weeks ago

Brown dwarfs: exist
Kurzgesagt: And I took that personally

by Romet Morell 4 days ago

“We want to talk about stars not failed wannabe stars” 😂

by ItsRemxdy 1 month ago

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