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TikTok's Obsession with Dark Humor

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I've seen a lot of content on TikTok about "dark humor" recently, so I wanted to discuss the recent events and my overall thoughts on the subject. Enjoy!.
Leave a comment & let me know what you think! I am in no way the judge of what you can and can't joke about, I just shared some of my personal opinions so if you disagree that's all good lol.
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thanks for watching!
comment "RIP keith" if ur reading this

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Kurtis Conner photo 1 TikTok's Obsession with Dark Humor Kurtis Conner photo 2 TikTok's Obsession with Dark Humor Kurtis Conner photo 3 TikTok's Obsession with Dark Humor Kurtis Conner photo 4 TikTok's Obsession with Dark Humor

I originally made the one sketch about Buzz assuming that he’s never done stand up before but upon doing further research, I found an old set of his from like 8 years ago that had some jokes that were actually kinda funny. Idk what happened in the past 8 years lol but yeah just thought I’d clear it up!

by Kurtis Conner 1 month ago

dark humor to tiktokers is literally racism and offensive rape jokes

by Abigail Hays 1 month ago

theres a difference between "i wanna die" dark humor and "i hate women and gays", "dark humor".

by Rebeca Nery 1 week ago

"facial expressions have no meaning"
people in silent films:👁👄👁

by yoo crybaby 3 weeks ago

why can’t dark humor just be about morticians and coffins.... like “what’s a morticians favorite piece of jewelry?” “a toe-tag”

by sandra 3 weeks ago

“The boys” on TikTok have difficulty understanding that a racist joke is still racist

by Jenna Bruh 2 weeks ago

youre doing good work here kurtis and btw that mullet is coming in splendidly

by Anthony Recenello 3 weeks ago

Sexual assault, homophobia, and transphobia are not jokes

However, Kurtis saying that he is as tall as a buzz lightyear doll is

by Cheezit Brain 2 weeks ago

To me dark humor is stuff like “Why did sally fall off the swing//she has no arms” “it’s like clean water//not everyone gets it” not
“Lol, gay people gross”

by kittypie 3 weeks ago

It’s funny how they say we’re all “””snowflakes””” but then send death threads when we say “kam” it’s just so ironic lmao

by duckie 2 weeks ago

I like dark humor. Not offensive “humor”. There’s a difference

by Taylor DeMint 2 weeks ago

I didn't take his trigger warning as seriously as I should have.
In my head thinking, "Haha dumb idiot man probably a stupid joke I can handle that."
But that video genuinely triggered me, and sent me into a flashback. The way he stood in the doorway... it made me sick, I wasn't able to come back to finish this video until today.
I can't believe he would make such a horrific joke about such a horrific topic.
My stomach still churns thinking about it.

I just wanna thank Kurtis real quick. Idk if he'll even see this but, one can hope.

Kurtis, I have struggled with trust issues around men for years. Without going into detail, men tend to make me visibly uncomfortable. Watching you reminds me there are people out there, fighting for people like me. For visibility, and equality. Thank you so much for being an incredible ally to women like me, and for continuing to call out jerks like these people.

by Shania Infante 3 weeks ago

i did not expect the buzz r*** joke to hit me so hard - as in that was legitimately terrifying. it’s just another reminder that people like this actually exist and that’s so hard to contend with. i can’t imagine how survivors feel.

by me dude 3 weeks ago

I love how all the "dark humour" comedians love to complain about snowflakes, but as soon as anyone insults them or or their content they go full turbo hyper mega butthurt ballistic mode

by Dunk Dinsle 2 weeks ago

If you have to remind people your not homophobic, transphobic, racist or sexist you prolly are.

by Kids Account 2 weeks ago

The title should be “Tik Tok’s obsession with lazy, frat comedy”

by Ghoul GotTwoDicks 1 month ago

I've been mentally ill my whole life, and I've found that a lot of mentally ill people have a fantastic gallows humor, joking about our illnesses, death, things that a lot of people find uncomfortable, because we have the experience spending a lot of time with them. But, it's humor on dark topics, not humor based on being mean and making other people feel bad for no reason. Dark humor is enjoyable because it frames sad, scary things in ways that make them more tolerable, not because it makes things worse.

by generalsleepy 2 weeks ago

This isn’t dark humour this is just being ignorant and rude. And offensive.

by Mariahkierra Dye 1 week ago

This shouldn’t be called dark humor; call it what it is, Bigotry. They’re laughing at marginalized people and it shouldn’t be mistaken for dark humor done right

by jackson smity 2 weeks ago

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