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Kid Rock - All Summer Long (Video)

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All Summer Long (Video)

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Kid Rock photo 1 Kid Rock - All Summer... Kid Rock photo 2 Kid Rock - All Summer... Kid Rock photo 3 Kid Rock - All Summer... Kid Rock photo 4 Kid Rock - All Summer...

This makes me feel American while I'm European

by Fish 2 weeks ago

Let's be honest guys this quarantine is bringing us back to some amazing songs

by Diesel Dylan 2 weeks ago

This is if werewolves of London had a baby with sweet home Alabama

by Tyler Shamp 4 months ago

I remember when I had a flip phone and this was my ringtone 😂😂

by ShowysDad 3 months ago

Who is ready to be done with this Coronavirus?

by robert craft 7 months ago

I'm surprised the view count for this video isn't in the billions.

by Luis Cardenas 1 day ago

imagine summer 2020 without corona virus.

by Franke609 3 months ago

Reminds me of my summers on the lake in Wisconsin during the 80's. Just a couple years later I was in the Army and in combat. Never did see that girl again. Thanks man.

by AKJJSIM 1 week ago

Ah good ol' music
0% naked women
0% drugs
Oh wait..

by Aymunz 3 months ago

Feel sad for anyone that didn't have at least one summer like this!

by Patria Ryder 4 years ago

This song made me drink a Budweiser in Belgium

by Tim Janssens 1 week ago

Who’s still here in 2020 going strong

by Reece 3 months ago

Knowing that this beat was almost in a ICP song is kinda interesting

by Casual Couch 1 day ago

Me: Mom can we listen to sweet home alabama.
Mom: we can listen to sweet home alabama at home
Sweet Home Alabama at home:

SwEet HoMe MiChiGaN

Edit: this is not a criticism of the song

by Din Djarin 5 months ago

My God this makes me want to be young and do it all over again. Without some of the mistakes.

by Robert Ellsworth 1 month ago

Brings back memory's of what our world was like last year at this time- thanks to covid-2020

by Tania Rewenko 4 months ago

literally miss this kind of music everyday 😢😭

by Brandon Beams 4 months ago

When ur sitting at home on ur computer watching other people have this kind of summer...

by Kiwi Fruit 1 year ago

I was 21 in 1989, met my husband then, still married today, and still can jam to kid rock..😜❤🔥

by Mrs. Pic 6 months ago

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