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Dying My Hair PINK At Home!

Khlo Ko photo 1 Dying My Hair PINK At... Khlo Ko photo 2 Dying My Hair PINK At... Khlo Ko photo 3 Dying My Hair PINK At... Khlo Ko photo 4 Dying My Hair PINK At...

It looks so good!!! I've wanted pink streaks forever

by Jackie Jeffords 3 months ago

I enjoyed the way she’s talking the accent is strong with her

by Septiyana T 3 months ago

i’m just wondering what this looks like when ur hair is straight because i want to dye my hair like this but i DO NOTTT have time to curl it everyday hahaha

by Tegan Whitehorn 1 day ago

i just cut my hair so this seems like a healthy direction to go in

by gods good 3 months ago

i'm literally in love how it turned out... you look so gorgeous! this color suits you sososo much 🥵

by ev 3 months ago

i’ve actually done my hair like this and i loved it! it looks amazing on you

by gaby l 3 months ago

the pink looks great on you! If you want to try a different color next maybe do a teal, green or blue. It would really make your eyes pop :) love it!

by Kayla Quintanilla 3 months ago

Tal vez no entiendas, pero te quedo súper lindoo❤️

by Sabiel Santana 3 months ago

I'm obsessed!! I told myself I wasn't going to dye my hair anymore but this is so temptingggg

by lari 3 months ago

I was gonna dye the whole underneath of my hair but now i've fallen in love with your hair i might do it!! (my hair's the same length of yours but ginger and i was do blue so dunno how bad its gonna look) congrats on gorg hairrrrr!!!!

by Laura Hartshorn 2 months ago

alright, out of all the videos i watched - you were the one to convince me to do this tmrw! looks fantastic :D

by Catarina Prata 6 days ago

This looks so beautiful. I was going to dye my ends, but now I think about doing it this way.

by Saltwaterfish96 3 months ago

I watched this video about 4 times and finally did it

by katyriam 1 week ago

I've watched this video like 5 times cuz I love it

by NicoleRose 2 weeks ago

Hey I've got similar hair to your's (regarding the wavy pattern) and it's easier than you think to handle that. Just take a leave in conditioner of your choice and scrunch your hair up when it is damp after a shower (not wet) and yeah that's it. Super easy😅

by take it back now ya'll 3 months ago

Omg I've been thinking to color my sides of hair too! Not pink but it looks sooo good on you!

by Liberty did what? 3 months ago

I’ve never seen a more satisfying hair dye video. This looks EPIC!

by NaniwaTabby 3 months ago

I love how it looks on u ♥️
tho box dye doesnt lighten, ask Brad Mondo, but the important thing it looks super cute.

by Amy Dsc 3 months ago

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