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Kevin Gates - Difficult [Official Audio]

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Kevin Gates - Difficult
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I feel like Kevin Gates is underrated. His raps are the truth. The “I’m him” album is amazing and he has songs for every mood. If it’s upset or trying to cruise or trying to work out. Kevin Gates drops heat period

by aleksander puchacz 7 months ago

if you’re reading this and going thru a heartbreak or trying to get over someone i pray you find your happiness and bounce back stronger than ever 💸

by cannabis aficionado 7 months ago

“She from Sinaloa, she loco” as a girl from Sinaloa, he’s right. We are crazy. Lol

by Alexandra Osuna 3 months ago

His new album gone be ridiculous I can't wait. He gets stronger everyday

by Strawberry Honey 4 months ago

This my neighbor’s favorite new song
Whether they like it or not

by Sin City Exotics 7 months ago

I feel bad for people who don’t listen to gates 🔥 🔥

by RYLEE BADGER 7 months ago

I swear Kevin Gates is the only person who I can listen to and not get tired of hearing his music

Most likes I ever gotten. Lol thank u for the love 😂

by King Ken 7 months ago

That moment that beat drop , LEFT CHEEK , RIGHT CHEEK 😩💪🏽🔥

by alivaug11 7 months ago

My fiancé and soulmate was a true gates fan. Got her thru the roughest times before we met 3 yrs ago and during. This was her new jam before she passed away 12/2/2020. This song got a whole new meaning

by Avery Johnson 4 weeks ago

I search “Kevin Gates” EVERY day hoping he released a new song

by Ben K 7 months ago

Shoutout to everyone who played thiz ova 6 times in the first 30sec into da song💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

by Richiie Woodz 7 months ago

“I got that power like god and them. Power to take away oxygen” 🔥🔥🔥

by HRD 7 months ago

This is the old Gates I remember. Riding the shit out of that beat

by J 7 months ago

It's gon' be difficult for you to forget me, yeah
What up?
It's gon' be difficult for you to forget me, yeah
I'm him

This just in, I'm Goliath
Rap game King Leonidas
Prayin' for the ones that's indicted
Sex tape dropped, unexcited
This just in, I'm Goliath
Rap game king Leonidas
Prayin' for the ones that's indicted
Sex tape dropped, unexcited
I been a G
Throwin' that dick in her kidney, I stand on that business for chief
Knowin' they want your position or blemish your image
Don't give it no energy please
Knowin' that shit done got critical
I got some sinners who willin' to send it for me
Knowin' my lil' one is gifted
Ain't really 'bout spendin', but he gotta get to the league
I got that power like God and them
Power to take away oxygen (What else?)
Shawty wan' get on her knees
I semen her cheeks and regrow her collagen
I was on Easy Town, I done been around the world
Dreka still with the shit, ain't safe to be around your girl
Ass out the window, eatin' llama on the interstate
Ho sell crystal meth, Bread Winner dinner plate
Order me a Demon, I done pulled up in a Hellcat
Long way away when we was sleepin' on the airmat
Big body Range same place I went to jail at
Carolina street where I was 'posed to catch the sales at
Touchdown in the 'jects, still love havin' sex
FL, no includin', this not VVS
Bust down with the set, skrrt 'round, DBS
I done got a TV show, it need to be on TBS
Thinkin' 'bout shawty, don't call, she gon' see me, yeah
I'm retarded, I'm on CBS
Block ready, do a nigga funny with a hairpiece
Trap bleed, yes, Lord, workin' like an athlete
Solitary diamonds, I forgot what I was wearin'
Big booty white bitch lookin' at me, starin'
Catch a vibe in Atlanta, run a couple errands
Baby girl, stick it out and put it in the air please
Now my ship settin' sail, old hoes, wish 'em well
I just got a label check, I'ma get a hundred bails
South Carolina partner come and get a twenty pack
Hit him with a hundred pack, told him, "Nigga, run with that"
Thinkin' 'bout runnin' off, family ain't come back
Bread Winner grind in the hole where the money at
Touchdown in the 'jects, push up, lot of sex
FL, no including, this not VVS
Iced out Cartier, this not new Patek
Lifestyle all the yay comin' out Yucatec
Big 38, Slim in the dopehole
I got this bitch in a chokehold
In Michoacán where the dope sold
She from Sinaloa, she loco
The ups and the down, been a long road
The eagle, that Bread Winner logo
Said I'm gon' make her, hold on
I told her to meet me there solo
We go to Tulum, we don't prolong
I told her to not have no clothes on
She caught her a tan, now she rose gold
I hit from the back with the long stroke
I'm cookin' that dope with the robe on (Yeah)
I stand in the kitchen, the stove on
Learn how to fly again, flappin' my wings
Sick 'bout a bitch who was barely for me
Fuck 'bout the public, I'm back in the streets
Give a fuck 'bout a rapper who rappin' like me
Quarantine hit, I was wrappin' them keys
Cedar Hill mansion, relax in the D
Post up and trap out a Airbnb
I'm learnin' how to speak Vietnamese
[?][] mami, now send me them P's
I sell a lil' loud 'cause my camels eat weed
They know how I'm livin', respectin' my pimpin'
They knowin' I'm cut from up under [?][]
They told me to stay out of trouble
I moved to Atlanta to change my ways
Now they comparin' me to Big Trouble
'Cause I'll run a train on your ho with Dave
It's gon' be difficult for you to forget me, yeah
Havin' my own way in a drought, praise be to God, I'm en route
It's gon' be difficult for you to forget me, yeah
They gossip about me, don't know who they is
Speak on the king, not controllin' your lips
Secretively wanna choke on the dick
Spit in your, and choke it again

by Armando Soza 7 months ago

I got power like god n them, power to take away oxygen... lyrics was filthy😭😈

by Reaper KittyHD 7 months ago

“Ordered me a Demon, pulled up in a Hellcat.” 🔥🔥

by Danielle Bryant 7 months ago

Gates lost his mind on this one. That beat build is muhfukkin crazy.

by Born Justice Rule 4 months ago

Kevin Gates has never made a bad song change my mind 💯🔥

by Isaiah Shelton 7 months ago

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