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50 CAL GLOCK !!!

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In today’s video we try out a 50 Cal Glock! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!.
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Kentucky Ballistics photo 1 50 CAL GLOCK !!! Kentucky Ballistics photo 2 50 CAL GLOCK !!! Kentucky Ballistics photo 3 50 CAL GLOCK !!! Kentucky Ballistics photo 4 50 CAL GLOCK !!!

If you found the gun genie, what would your three wishes be? 🧞‍♂️

by Kentucky Ballistics 2 months ago

Home intruder: "I am wearing a body armor and no home owner can hurt me now!"

50 cal Glock: "It is 2020!"

by EJ'S GARAGE 1 month ago

The genie looked like a transgender John Cena.

by joeyjoey707 1 month ago

“It’s a short fat little dude”
If I had a nickel for ever time a woman told me that. 😆

by Moon Watcher 1 week ago

Go pulls up with a ar and body armor: I’m unstoppable
The fifty cal glock: do you oppose me, mortal?

by Braden Savage 1 day ago

Imagine looking into your neighbors yard and seeing a full grown man dressed as a genie talking to a camera

by Ultimate PooPoo 2 months ago

“Remember switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading”

by ProAtBeingNub 1 month ago

"It's a short, fat little dude." Wow, Scott mentioned me in one of his videos!!!

by khadrelt 1 month ago

And how do you expect us to see the recoil, when you got the most powerful guns in the universe 3 minutes earlier?

by Weißsilber 2 weeks ago

Man he actually took the time and sat there with his hands up and said “ahh yea hahaha i cant believe it this is awesome”

by Jeremiah Mann 1 month ago

Not gonna lie, that was a pretty solid Arnold impression.

by American Citizen 2 months ago

His Arnold Schwarzenegger voice is better than Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice

by Ali Rahal 3 weeks ago

For when your bullet fails to expand for whatever reason, you still have a half inch hole in something 😎

by Hereward The Watchful 2 weeks ago

The Genie has a very funny Arnold Schwarzenegger voice

by Adil Achahbar 1 month ago

Seems like demoranch has quite the influence on this guy.

by KrisTheGamerHD 1 month ago

The Arnold impression is good. I recognized it right off the bat.

by James McCaw 2 months ago

Scott just unlocked "Hollywood Mode"
- Now he NEVER gets to reload ever again.

by Mark W 3 weeks ago

Is nobody going to talk about how when the genie spawned a butterfly was on his shoulder

by DatBoy 4 days ago

Gun Giene:“Wait hierr,I ‘ll be bäck.”

by schutzzone 1 week ago

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