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Fraud concerns over California's unemployment benefits

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Concerns are growing of possible fraud at California’s unemployment agency after multiple reports of unsolicited debit cards arriving in people’s mailboxes and a suspiciously high number of claims involving independent contractors. The California Employment Development Department has paid more than $71 billion in unemployment benefits since the start of the pandemic, processing more than 11 million claims as the government ordered businesses to close to slow the spread of the disease and devastated the state’s economy. Get the full story in the video above.
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KCRA News photo 1 Fraud concerns over California's unemployment... KCRA News photo 2 Fraud concerns over California's unemployment... KCRA News photo 3 Fraud concerns over California's unemployment... KCRA News photo 4 Fraud concerns over California's unemployment...

I am still waiting for mine since I applied on Mar 27 till today Oct 5 and nothing yet.

by wod wod 7 months ago

I can’t imagine life without Herickcard on telegram he’s the realest dude ever liveth.

by Mccall Collins 2 weeks ago

So many people doing EDD fraud it’s ridiculous! People are really out of work that need the money!

by C 8 months ago

This is happening to me here in San Jose l have gotten dozens of EDD letters for under no less than several names l am glad l heard about this gonna contact the police or FBI before they come a knockin

by Jack Nakash 7 months ago

I have been fighting for my benefits since June......I am still waiting on the first dollar. I am so frustrated and pissed!!!

by Angel Candy 7 months ago

These inmates are just names to hide what the government did with all that money

by any thing 5 months ago

How can they do that to people who need it

by Ray Castaneda 7 months ago

After a succession of payouts from Curthburt from telegram, it’s safe to say that this fellow is legitimate. I don’t have any doubts moving forward, he even turned down my gift token and asked me to give it to any charity saying ‘God has given me all that I need, be his vessel and help those. Who are less fortunate

by Brian Maloney 2 months ago

Shoot. I finally got a hold of a live person at edd. Only to find out that the edd stopped my disability payments because some worthless lazy bum filed a false claim in my name from chico..
I said you people know where i have lived and worked for the past 27 years.. Now when i need my disability you people close my disability without calling me

by C 8 months ago

Every tweeker in town has a 10,000 dollar vehicular all of a sudden.

by Crawler Junkie 7 months ago

Can any one smell. It's an inside JOB. How else can they approve 20 & 40 claims to one , #1. Uno address ,who is approving this claims and overlooking the claims on there system for one address. 😡

by Wilfredo MORALES 2 months ago

Yo aplique have 4 meces y no me an dicho si califique o no

by Maria Hernández 7 months ago

They need to make everyone send in picture of there ID and hooked up to dmv system only way to prove legit without making it to complicated or extreme

by Amanda H. 8 months ago

It's edd AND Bank of America!!! Pre paid debit card services is shaddyyyy

by Angie Rachelle 6 months ago

There was another video of inmates
Filing fraudulent Edd claims and getting $250000 and getting money fast.Does anyone else thinks they need to be audited??

by kenneth nguyen 8 months ago

senator needs to pay electric bill, using outside sunlight to show

by welfare office 7 months ago

The people who work for edd are in on the scams too.

by Frederick Ellis 7 months ago

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