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HWASA (화사) - Maria (마리아) [Music Bank / 2020.07.03]

#스케치북 #K-Music #마리아 #Music Bank eng #Music
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KBS World photo 1 HWASA (화사) - Maria (마리아)... KBS World photo 2 HWASA (화사) - Maria (마리아)... KBS World photo 3 HWASA (화사) - Maria (마리아)... KBS World photo 4 HWASA (화사) - Maria (마리아)...

That red hair really suits her so well... She's really slaying us all.

by B Claasen 3 months ago

She literally is the queen of Kpop, like I haven’t seen another idol as confident and sexy as her. And she has one of the best soulful voices in kpop

by Veryrare Brina 3 months ago

first time hearing this song : umm okay cool
now : mAAARIAHmaariaaaoo oo maAaRia

by Meew 3 months ago

The fact that her back was in absolute PAIN, I'm speechless when she did that back wave thing oh my GOD it pains just to think about it, i-

by Celine Tan CL 3 months ago

Shes not afraid to put down mic because she doesnt need to prove her singing skills anymore

by Ann Kristine 3 months ago


by nathh 1485 3 months ago

She’s the only one who reminds me of Queen CL from 2ne1 but as a singer no cap

by Ashley Margret 3 months ago

Don't rush to criticize her for lip-syncing, she's just overwriting. We can really hear her inner voice.

by Beo lnc 2 months ago

She is one of the most beautiful woman in kpop.

by Helen Holmes 3 months ago

I love the fact that she’s young and Mamamoos maknae but she gives off such strong Big D Energy that no one can tell. Queen of stage presence even in pain, damn. She killed it

by Maliy A. 3 months ago

Mamamoo's background dancers
Moonbyul: all boys
Solar: all girls
Hwasa: why not both?

by Jun Laurence Aquino 3 months ago

I can hear her hard and shaky breathing. My queen sounds so tired. Her back pain makes it harder for her 😩💔

by Boy Im your candy 3 months ago

I wonder why many people are commenting that she lipsynch? I mean she's part of MAMAMOO and never lipsynch, that is why they are called as Queen of live performance even though they are considered as Rookie group. MAMAMOO only have one lipsynch performance (try search it "MAMAMOO LIPSYNCH) and you will understand why they always sing live. Even in HIP they wear head microphone because they focused on the dance, but they still sing it live, because they said they are suck at lip synch and it is their nightmare. For the background vocal/ playback, it is needed to keep the performance on track and help the singer to traced back their beat.

by Dvlsap 3 months ago

I like her voice. She sound like Gwen Stefani. And her aura and vibe is like Shakira. I'm a new fan of Hwasa, I got interested in Maria.

by Seulgi Rain Park 2 months ago

Started from nothing to where she is now. She deserves each and every inch of her success. HWASA HWAITINGGG

by Aaron Porras 3 months ago

It hurts to see u hurt, her movements r so restricted like. Still she nailed it, please take care dear hwasa!

Edit: It seems like she was even getting her back treated just before show started it was mcountdown, so it explains y only 1 week promo. Health is first important!

by Uniq Icon 3 months ago

mamamoo: no lip syncing, never

by Sophie S 3 months ago

The green outfit is like a soldier, she’s a fighter. Her red hair showing her fierceness 🔥

by deets 3 months ago

See those muscle relief packs?

Yep, her back hurts from carrying all that authenticity !!

by Me Di 3 months ago

Oh my God, Seeing her dance with a back injury makes me squirm. I can't imagine the level of pain she felt once she stepped off of the stage. She is incredible & I appreciate her so much. Along with other idols who push through their injuries to keep us entertained. Thank you queen, You did that!. 😭💙🔥💋

by Kpopislife16 2 months ago

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