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Tesla Stock DROPS Over 8%! What's NEXT??! Technical Analysis on Tesla Stock $TSLA #Tesla #TeslaStock

#why tesla stock could double #Tsla #tesla stock analysis #tesla stock analysis 2020 #Education
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In this video, we will go over Tesla Stock, which is down over 8% today, Monday, 2/23/21. We will go over a few reports that go over Ark Invest and how their ETF is down substantially due to rising yields and declining equity prices. We will also breakdown a report that came out that goes over how Elon Musk Tweeted over the weekend and then do a complete technical analysis on Tesla Stock to map out some important support levels to watch moving forward..
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Kaswrp photo 1 Tesla Stock DROPS Over 8%!... Kaswrp photo 2 Tesla Stock DROPS Over 8%!... Kaswrp photo 3 Tesla Stock DROPS Over 8%!... Kaswrp photo 4 Tesla Stock DROPS Over 8%!...

People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it's retracting....BE WISE

by Thijs Lotte 1 month ago

Thank you for the timely analysis katty!
Think it would be nice if you can do technical analysis for btc and eth

by Nandan 1 month ago

Buying through the dips and holding. Thanks for the vid

by Dj Panic 1 month ago

Dude I freaking love your videos, they truly give me the confidence and encouragement to stay invested. Much appreciated. Thank you.

by Alex Gramajo 1 month ago

I have established my position in Tesla shares. Now I will do nothing. Watching up and down, but really no matter. I have confidence in Tesla long term.

by Jack a 1 month ago

Been waiting for this all day 🙏🏼❤️

by Ali Saleh 1 month ago

Yay! Thanks for Tesla! Just finished your NIO video now.

by Suzana Y 1 month ago

655 post market.. pretty good buying opportunity

by L SY 1 month ago

Market is chopping all our gains big time!😩 I don't have much to buy the dip anymore. WTF is going on.

by JJAlwin 1 month ago

Just finished ur live chat video. Now going to see the NIO video.

I bought Corsair today and picked up 2 more TSLA stocks today

by sniperfx20 1 month ago

waiting for tsla to break sub 500

by got em 1 month ago

tsla touched 100DMA today... nice scalp.

by Chris L. 1 month ago

Ark bought more tesla as of mondaybyesterday, thats why it says 8,7% in the article, but when you looked it up it was over 9%

by Massimo Unknown 1 month ago

Thank u so much. I'll keep waiting for the dip 2 steady, then buy more. Hoping ( if the wife let's me ) buy from 12 to 20 shares. Brilliant again. 👏

by ian holmes 1 month ago

Increased my Tesla position today, although I wish I would've waited for closer to the end of the trading day. Holding long term.

by Christian Paul-CP 1 month ago

Hold and we will go to the moon with Tsla and Elon Musk

by Kriya Nguyen 1 month ago

Say it drops below $500 would you buy?

by ZachTaylor 1 month ago

I am out of TSLA. Watching & waiting for a buying opportunity.

by kingtoad2 1 month ago

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