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Kanye West – Wash Us In The Blood feat. Travis Scott (Official Video)

Kanye West photo 1 Kanye West – Wash Us... Kanye West photo 2 Kanye West – Wash Us... Kanye West photo 3 Kanye West – Wash Us... Kanye West photo 4 Kanye West – Wash Us...

This is a disstrack on the devil.

by I Am Nerf 1 weeks ago

Kanye is the only artist that made Christian music age restricted.

by Ashu 2 days ago

This is age restricted, but 6ix9ine Gooba is not. Think about that.

by mplayer1021 6 days ago

Oh so 6ix9ines video with half naked women isn't aged restricted but this is? Damn YouTube what the hell

by Maciej Jacheć 6 days ago

“They don’t want Kanye to be Kanye”. So true.

by Zmie M 6 days ago

I wonder how stupid the YouTube staff felt age restricting this song

by Desmond Alohan 1 weeks ago

Kanye: holy spirit comedown
YouTube: Censored

by Jing Tian 3 days ago

he talking about blood of jesus christ, and it is the only way to heaven. good stuff could even maybe listen this

by Young Yoda 4 days ago

YouTube: Age Restricts video

Us: They don't want Kanye to be Kanye

by Matt Kradelman 4 days ago

The black man in the video is portraying God or Jesus. The random clips in the video is what God sees within the black community whether it’s police brutality “black on black” violence, COVID-19, mass incarceration etc. The waves you see are actually chains the slaves jumped into to escape slavery and it represents us still being enslaved mentally. GTA gameplay represents us being in a “simulation”, and the end with the cars doing donuts are people enjoying the chaos going in until it gets to close to them. Video is genius

by Joseph Sanchez 1 days ago

Travis: When do you wanna record Ye?
Kanye: Hop on GTA

by IIIHybridIII 1 weeks ago

Strange how they age restrict something so exposing even though there is nothing too vulgar to age restrict. There aren't even any swears the entire song! Ah, but let's keep 6ix9ines music for all ages.

by D1N0 ALG 1 days ago

YouTube ain’t very Christ like for making this age restricted

by Pork 1.0 5 days ago

In fact, you are a respectable man and appreciates all traditions and religions. I wish you success. Yes, I hope that you will be the next president of America ... I am an ordinary person and from Morocco, but I really prefer to see you President of America ..... Come to all of you yes yes we love ♥️✌️

by DaArtben official 1 days ago

Collage of the American Chaos. The Black experience. Master Artistry in presentation...Holy Spirit come down!

by Michael Iyore 3 days ago

Travis: so i want girls, cars, smoking-

Kanye: No you Christian now

by GoldenJaguar 1 weeks ago

Black history is America history
- Morgan Freeman

by Tekstar 4 days ago

The plays on Spotify jumped 1.5 million today in a matter of hours, YouTube didn’t budge much. You’d think more use YouTube than Spotify but it looks like YouTube is censoring or hiding it.

by Judge Dredd 4 days ago

If Dateline’s Chris Hansen can’t stop Joe Biden, out of nowhere Kanye stepped up and said ‘Hold my Bible, watch what I’m about to do’.

by Christian Muscle 4 days ago

Damn he might be bipolar and Schizophrenic but if this man ain’t a genius. He has always inspired me. This shit hits hard and I’m not talking about the beat

by kyle newland 4 days ago

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