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Local Idiot Gets Entire Team Killed | Among Us

Kaif photo 1 Local Idiot Gets Entire Team... Kaif photo 2 Local Idiot Gets Entire Team... Kaif photo 3 Local Idiot Gets Entire Team... Kaif photo 4 Local Idiot Gets Entire Team...

Never forget, this guy played the game before it was popular

by Goritom 3 months ago

"Oh wait, สธแต’แต˜ แถœแตƒโฟ หขแต‰แต‰ แต—สฐแตƒแต—?"

by Jล“ 11 months ago

God this game is so fun, I need to stop throwing my self through mental loops tho

by stancat123 1 year ago

This game looks so damn fun with a tight crew. Please post like 2000 more of these.

by cheef 1 year ago

I've realized that whenever there's an insult in Kaif's titles, it's because of Stan.
When something goes wrong, it's because of Stan.
The world could be literally ending, and everyone will know that it's because of Stan.

Stan is all, all that's left is Stan. There is no escape.
No mercy.
No intelligence.
Just Stan.

by Nine Thousand Faces 1 year ago

"Oh wait. You can see that?" - famous last words

by Wizards! 1 year ago

Of course Stan gets everyone killed

by Zarouph 1 year ago

Kaif: *kills in admin*
Kaif: where'd you find that?
Dwaz: Cafeteria

by Selim Monir 4 months ago

To sum up this game:
When In Doubt, Vote Stan Out.

by Nexopryx 1 year ago

Just the way Lars said "Oh Wait you can see that?" is glorious on its own

by Bryce Lynch 1 year ago

Heโ€™s one of the OG players

by Aki Bru 3 months ago

Me: Stan gets picked on a lot

watches this video

Me: I understand now

by Colin Martin 1 year ago

Entire team killed?

A small price to pay for content.

by Filip Paiฤ‡ 1 year ago

Dude im spanish, i discobered you all by pure luck, and damm im addicted to this.

by Dr. Bright 1 year ago

Kaif is the trendsetter

by Ecks Dee 3 months ago

ebbz screaming in the other side of the room is hilarious

by Julian Restrepo 1 year ago

Between deceit, enemy on board, secret neighbour and this.... I'm seeing a pattern

by Lumin Arri 1 year ago

title: 'local idiot get entire team killed'
Me: ah Stan is getting yelled at again I see
edit:wow 210 likes thx everyone :D

by SplitSecondJames 1 year ago

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