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Bad Detectives and Jester Revenge | Among Us

Kaif photo 1 Bad Detectives and Jester Revenge... Kaif photo 2 Bad Detectives and Jester Revenge... Kaif photo 3 Bad Detectives and Jester Revenge... Kaif photo 4 Bad Detectives and Jester Revenge...

I think Kaif underestimates the difficulty of getting himself killed when everyone listens to him like heโ€™s a freaking cult leader.

the zipper train never ends

by Firestarr 58 10 months ago

When Stan actually had a good round and DIDNT get himself killed. I was so suprised and weirdly...proud. Good for you Stan well done mate.

by Filip Paiฤ‡ 10 months ago

The one time my judgement call has been right!!!!

by stancat123 10 months ago

"Mate, you have a sexy voice"
"-Go ahead an say โ€˜hi my name is tricko"
"Hi my name is tricko?"

by Hyper Hunter 10 months ago

"This sector is clear"
Moments later
"Not clear, not clear"

by Furiouswc 10 months ago

Did Stan just... made a Judgement Call with proof AND it was right? What timeline am I living on?

by Janrei Africa 10 months ago

Gary : (kills someone infront of the boys.)
The boys : Ah yes, this must be the work of Stan!

by Jamvously 10 months ago

Never listen to Kaif, he has killed more allies then enemies and the same goes for tricko haha xD

by Sazar 10 months ago

Imagine if the last clip wasn't a joke.

Hoh boy

by Odd 10 months ago

Gary is the definition of chaotic neutral.

by devo076 10 months ago

Stan got his judgement call Right
Everyone like that

by Clark david 10 months ago

โ€œWhen in doubt, vote Stan outโ€
Sun Zoo

by Thicc Nicc 10 months ago

Someone: Finds body

it must be STAN

by Vanilla Cake 10 months ago

Kaif, dale, and tricko: run into a door

Also kaif, dale, and tricko: Brain.exe has stopped working

by Gatling Gunz 10 months ago

I aspire to be like Gary on them cameras

by Sr_Daz 10 months ago

Whenever it says dead body reported for some reason I see โ€œdead boy reportedโ€
I donโ€™t plan to see it any other way

by Flip The table 10 months ago

"When in doubt vote Stan out"

"When Kaif is wrong, vote him gone"

by Ty The Weeb 10 months ago

"Glen, I think it might be Lars"
Proceeds to snap Glen's neck

by Alpha Mamba 5 months ago

Tricko: "Hi my name is tricko?"
Me: sExY vOiCe

by J. M Games 4 months ago

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