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The Jestective | Among Us

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Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/sr_kaif

Kaiffu photo 1 The Jestective | Among Us Kaiffu photo 2 The Jestective | Among Us Kaiffu photo 3 The Jestective | Among Us Kaiffu photo 4 The Jestective | Among Us

If you're an imposter, but you're also the detective of the group, does that call you a defective detective?

by GuyWithAHat 9 months ago

“Impostor was an impostor”

Ah yes, the floor here is made out of floor.

by A Man of Culture 7 months ago

I love how Malin’s judgement calls are always right meanwhile Stan’s are always wrong. They are polar opposites.

by ThatGuyNeko 9 months ago

No Beans, Glen, is a necessity for you guys. He is an unpredictable mo-fo who you can't have account for you or anyone else. Everyone can say, "Vote Stan" and he might vote Sam. You can be with him the entire game and he would turn his back on you. That unpredictability is needed so the imposters can't use logic with him. He is the perfect blend of stupid and genius.

by DeCoolFool 9 months ago

"Ebbz is dead so it must be Kaif!"
"oh ebbz I am gonna go elsewhere"

by Czech mate 9 months ago

kaif dies
everyone saw him die
cali killed him

by Sofie Jordan 9 months ago

Kaif being an imposter first game? This is gonna be great.

by Janrei Africa 9 months ago

" I don't wanna become a meme like Stan "

Deep sigh voice Stan: Glen, you don't have a choice...

by aljrvh 9 months ago

I love hearing Sam's commentary and logic. He's a lot smarter than people give him credit.

by Jovan Petrovich 9 months ago

The two absolute worst investigators: Stan and Ebbz. Holding a tournament for Mong of the year.

by HowlingProductions1 9 months ago

Kaif being imposter and voting Stan out... all within the first few minutes? This is gonna be great

by Jacob Wyly 9 months ago

If you take away the detective part, than its just Stan playing.

by Geen Kanaal 9 months ago

malins calls have been correct so far even though she is getting to them the wrong way XD. its a false sense of skill at that point lol.
its like maths where you get the right answer whole using the wrong formula

by M0ZZ1E33 9 months ago

I love the irony that Imposter was the first one to get killed by the imposter

by Janrei Africa 9 months ago

Everyone: Talking about things important to understanding whats happening
Twitch Notifications: Y E S

by LoDefGaming 5 months ago

At no one noticed that ben vented when the meeting was called

by a Fucking idiot 9 months ago

I love watching you guys play this game, but Jesus Christ your guy’s logic is either flawless or has more flaws than a Bethesda game’s physics engine, and it’s always random which one it will be.

by Wolf Shadowcaster 9 months ago

Does anyone knows where stans glitchy "kaif's a cuuuu..." sound came from?

by Gary King 9 months ago

"if Kaif is the killer, then you all are gonna be crawling back to me"
Im loving Malin's sassss

by Chuchai 9 months ago

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