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So this Epic Games Employee can guess WHAT'S INSIDE every CHEST in Fortnite...

#epic games employee can guess what's inside every chest in fortnite #epic employee #chest #rare chest #Gaming
So this Epic Games Employee can guess WHAT'S INSIDE every CHEST in Fortnite...
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Kaidoz photo 1 So this Epic Games Employee... Kaidoz photo 2 So this Epic Games Employee... Kaidoz photo 3 So this Epic Games Employee... Kaidoz photo 4 So this Epic Games Employee...

This Epic Employee was insane
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by Kaidoz 2 years ago

I can guess what’s in a red supply drop

Impulse grenades

Spikes stadium

by Will Kerr 1 year ago

Next match...... You open a chest look on 0)

1) Epic scar
2)blue AR
3)grey SMG
4)green scoped AR
5)rocket luncher
6)green AR
7)green SMG
8)grey SMG

0) grey AR

by Joel Accam 1 year ago

2020 this looks like a joke him double ramping hes the next ninja

by Dr. Bushra Qaiser 1 month ago

Does anybody else think that the guy sounds like Chris from mr.beast?

by baconator157 1 year ago

"sup how are you "
It's been 10 mins already in the game ok

by Boxsh 1 year ago

It’s a voiceover, it’s probably just one of his friends or something.

by SchnauzDoodle 1 year ago

Lol notice the "epic employee's" speaker logo didnt show up on the 2nd guess? EXPOSED!

Jt was correct ;) ;)

by GoldBolt MnG 1 year ago

he got the same thing as when the person predicted the chest

I think it is clickbait

by The Abyss 1 year ago

If you found this guy on playground fill then how is fall damage off?

by Nick flynn 1 year ago

Y’all think I’m dumb lol you easily just recorded your both voices then added it in the video at the perfect time nice try tho

by GtaHelp 1 year ago

I got in contact with many employees before and i befriended one after he solved my issue, i asked him if he wanted to play but he said they’re not allowed to give their ign nor reveal they work for epic games

by MMic 1 year ago

"Guessed" Also employees should not be allowed to expose their identity

by WillTheBum Official 1 year ago

Fake you can only make playground settings when it's no fill like when someone in your party. Look at there is no fall damage!
Edit: thanks for the likes let's make everyone see that comment.

by Aldoy900 2 years ago

Back in the old days of fortnite when that was good at building

by David Sweeney 6 months ago

Who plays random play ground and talks about epic games right away? andd when it started you had loot so you could of easily just told him to say that lelelele

by Blue Panda_9943 1 year ago

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