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Stray Kids "神메뉴" M/V

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신메뉴가 벌써 7000만뷰라니.. 이번 노래로 많이 관심 가져주시고 사랑해주셔서 감사드려요 정말 열심히 준비한 만큼 뿌듯하네요 더 열심히 해서 실망시켜 드리지 않겠습니다 감사합니다!

by Stray Kids 1 weeks ago

How to make bad songs?
Stray Kids: We don't know.

by Kikis Corona 1 months ago


by Glass Heart 1 months ago

I literally can't stop listening to this song, they really out do themselves every time.

by Owls For Me 1 months ago

They didn't have 11 rockie's awards for nothing this guys are purely talent they made this and all of their songs, we're not winning because they're againts huge fandoms and they're more popular in s.korea. We made a mistake and didn't know the value of digitals sale, now we know, next time let's focus on that.

by x1 Daddy Nation 1 months ago

BangChan best leader

by Ani Kim 1 months ago

I feel bad for those people who haven't listened to this song yet!!!!

by Yourbehaviorissough 1 months ago

There’s apparently 45 “du”s in this song. After constantly streaming this video these past weeks, I wonder how many “du”s I’ve heard by now. LOL

by Rebecca Chan 1 months ago

i don't usaully listen too kpop, BUT THIS is sum special. i've heard of stary kids like once or twice but never rlly looked into their music, but then i saw this and i'm glad it popped up. i'm gonna stream now :)

by abo 1 months ago

girls don’t want boyfriends, girls want minho to get more lines

by Igot7 Ahgase 1 months ago

I'm not even a stay, but this felix "cooking like a chef" make me crazy omg

by Syair Agitra 1 months ago

let's just take a moment of silence for those who doesn't stan stray kids

they're literally missing out

edit: let's be friends in twitter @qtmeowr

by mush room 1 months ago

Real life stray kids are like little cute kids but in MVs they're damn badass kids

by Dilan Karakaya 1 months ago


by j f 1 months ago

I like how the likes and dislikes are also steadily going up, not just the views. Shows that new people are actually discovering Stray Kids.

by Miriam Tong 1 months ago

the worse thing about this song is that

it ends.

by Gianne 1 months ago

When JYP said SKZ will be known for their talent, this is it. He said that, you’ll know that fans are real and is supporting them not because of their name or what company they’re from. But with the talent and amazing performance they do for their fans.

by straykidschriscb97 1 months ago

I repeat we are not a lazy fandom and we are not leaving this mv until it reaches 100M!
!!Stream Miroh and My pace in between let's get those to 100M too!!
Edit: Promotion is over does not mean streaming is over// Target: 1 M v!ews per day
79M ----------->> 80M Let's goo(21M left to reach 100M)

by Aurora A 1 months ago

When it’s Gods menu aera but you are still not over side effects Edit: maybe I’m not even over 3racha yet

by Felix sunshine 1 months ago

Imagine when they are the biggest boyband of the planet I'll cry SKZ world domination

by Danna 1 months ago

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