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NiziU 『Make you happy』 M/V

JYP Entertainment photo 1 NiziU  『Make you happy』... JYP Entertainment photo 2 NiziU  『Make you happy』... JYP Entertainment photo 3 NiziU  『Make you happy』... JYP Entertainment photo 4 NiziU  『Make you happy』...

Other people in quarantine: I’m bored, i’m gonna eat
JYP in quarantine: I’m bored, let’s release a girl group

Edit: woah, thank you so much for the likes🥺✨

by nayeonslefttoe 1 week ago


by わっしょいわっしょい 1 day ago

Nina: Made a disgusted face to JYP
Dahyun and Jackson: Welcome to the Team

by liezel Manalo 21 hours ago

JYP look like the perverted uncle you try to avoid at a family gathering.

by Kennyle 1 day ago

JYP is a member of literally every group under his company.

by Karolinaa 1 week ago

Increíble el predebut, ni me imagino como será el debut oficial. En fin gente, ayuden y apoyen a NiziU se que es un grupo con potencial y nosotros como fans vamos a ser vitales para que despeguen

by Leoli Matin 1 day ago

Who loves RIO?
Who loves NINA?
Who loves RIKU?
Who loves MIIHI?
Who loves AYAKA?
Who loves MAKO?
Who loves MAYA?
Who loves MAYUKA?
Who loves RIMA?


by {CHESHIRE} {I LOVE CLC} 8 hours ago

Nina: making a disgusting face towards JYP

Jackson: I'm proud of you

by Err no 1 week ago

this is one of those songs where on the first listen it sounds average but then you keep coming back cuz its so catchy

by Aliciaaa 1 day ago

Uhm,,is it just me or does somebody else notice that this mv is a little similar to TWICE LIKEY music video

by Dawn Silvano 18 hours ago

i can already tell they’re gonna be really big, this is only their pre-debut too!

by taesthetic 1 day ago

this is a pre debut song for everyone who is confused. it's not their debut yet.

by jamais vu 1 week ago

スマホで見てる方 是非テレビやパソコン大画面で見てみることオススメします。何回も見たあと、それしたら 大画面の方が100倍よかったです💗💗💗

by darkness Rain 1 day ago


by お茶っ葉 1 day ago

잘됐으면 좋겠다ㅜ 일본에선 히트쳤다니 다행이네

by 무선잉 1 day ago

Mayuka with this hair color hits different. She stands out so much!

by Theo Arsenio 22 hours ago

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