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It isn't itzy if their choreography doesn't involve breaking their necks

by mWOhAsEyo?? 4 months ago

Ryujin challenged the world with the shoulder move

by Mridul Khanna 3 days ago

Since barely anyone is talking about Yuna, I just want to say how much I appreciate JYP's decision to make Yuna a part of ITZY. Yuna is a giant baby who deserves all the love and appreciation in the world. Some may choose to ignore, hate and doubt your abilities but I hope that smile on your face won't change in the future, if it does, I hope it only gets brighter. You deserve to be the visual, lead dancer and lead rapper of ITZY. Sending love to Hussey. <3

by i'm done 4 days ago

All I imagine is that when the pandemic is over and ITZY went to one of their concert, singing ‘Nobody Like You’ and Midzys waving the light-ring with rainbow mode, the members feeling emotional and tearing up, saying how much they appreciate their fans. I wish I can go to their concert one day. I can’t wait to see them grow up and become big one day. MIDZY4LIFE!!!

by Janeta Gale 3 days ago


- All members are dancers
- All members are rappers
- All members are vocals
- All members are visual

You can’t find groups like them

by Hari Yeo 3 days ago

Is it just me or does itzy have one of the best dance breaks edit: stop bringing other groups into this and stop saying I’m a newbie and stuff there are other groups that have amazing dance breaks but I just said my opinion

by AHQ 4 months ago

Okay, lemme talk about how Chaeryeong nailed the dance break and outfits. Because no one is talking pErIoDtttttt‼️

by Danielle Pabualan 2 days ago

I hope ITZY have a comeback in September! A lot of groups such as Ateez, G-idle,BlackPink and BTS etc are having a comeback next month, so is a lot harder to get wins. So instead, we should focus on voting and streaming for our girls! Don’t get stress out, is only being 4 months. We can wait another month.

by Janeta Gale 3 days ago

Dalla Dalla: let's break our backs!
Icy: let's break our necks!
Wannabe: let's break our shoulders!
Next comeback: let's break our bones?

by L forest 2 days ago

Dalla Dalla- don't compare your self to others because your different.

Icy- Don't care what will people say. Show them how confident you are.

Wannabe- be yourself. Love yourself. Make your own way to be unique. Just be you.

We stan queens!!!!

by Lee EUNSANG 4 months ago

I just realized that Chae scene is a symbol of kid with helicopter parents that control and watch their move. And they usually adamant about studying.

by No purple in rainbow 2 days ago

Itzy is nominated for a daesang Midzysssss

by bokchoi shin 3 days ago

ITZY created their own sound and tone, oh and style on everything too. A lot of people are getting used to it, day by day. They really are on top of their game. Even the "unique" word is not enough to describe how different they are.

by R 1 days ago

When JYP finally announced his comeback but ITZY still hasn't.

by Shyr Orapmale 2 days ago

Confidence is actually one of the words that can define Itzy's songs.

by hayley 4 months ago

When you're not over with wannabe and JYPE releases a comeback trailer.

by RD Policarpio 1 days ago

ITZY will be apprearing as guest penalists on JTBC’s "Hidden Singer 6" that will air around mid-August.

Hidden Singer 6 as ITZY’s first variety show appearance ahead of their COMEBACK THIS SUMMER!!!

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So this means that today we'll get first teaser

by ᗩ midzy girl 2 days ago

I can't believe that we only have 18 days left till we say goodbye to wannabe era, but whatever! Can't wait for the Not shy era!!!!!
Not Shy by Itzy on August 17,2020 save the date midzy!

by John Andrew Reyes 1 days ago

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