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Justin Bieber - Holy (Live On Saturday Night Live / 2020) ft. Chance The Rapper

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That was powerful Justin!

by ConnorTV 1 week ago

Hola Justin, Sería increíble si pudieras leer y responder a mi mensaje, me encanta lo que siempre has hecho y me gustaría compartir contigo mi amor por la música. Soy pianista y guitarrista y compongo toda mi música por completo y hago todos mis videos musicales. ¡Cada mes compongo y hago un nuevo video musical en un país diferente, que muestra la belleza de ese país! Sería un honor si pudiera tomar 3 minutos de su tiempo y darme una oportunidad y su apoyo. Un fuerte abrazo Muchas gracias por leerme 🙏❤️

by WhileWild 4 days ago

At least he makes Christian music that doesn't have to be taken as religious. You can listen to it without feeling like he's forcing God down your throat.

by Luke Cowen 6 days ago

The last "HOLY" sounded like an angel's choir!

by butti fdft 2 days ago

The last holy touched my soul right there.

by Emanuel Roro 1 week ago

I was so ignorant and thought justin was an ungrateful brat ( media excels at seeing the worst in anything or anyone ), but seeing his most recent interviews , being so real and honest , & you really see how unwell he is , always fidgeting , not making eye contact w the interviewer , always looking down , you can just see how damaged he is .. , I had this huge relatable feeling and felt so f*cking bad for him and realising how young he was when he started and how it acctually was just to much for him at some point .. seeing him be rude to fans made me hate him at some point , but thankfully he was able to make real heartfelt interviews , seeing his real self made me admire him actually .. , also this song is my favorite of his .. ever <3

by Jess Stylinson 6 days ago

Justin does collabs so well.... he shares the stage, even steps back to let the other singer shine. SNL was good value!

by Anne Macleod 6 days ago

Yes, people, Justin Bieber is a person who makes mistakes... Ever heard of those?

by Cyber Girl 4 days ago

I like how there's not a fancy set up with lights, fancy outfits, dancers, etc. It's a simple setup with a glowing cross in the center and some vegetation. Idk if this is the meaning, but to me it seemed like it represented being bare, stripped to where it's just Justin and God. Like the moment was just between them. And that's a beautiful thing to represent if that was the meaning for it. When you worship, it's just you and God, no fancy lights or dancers in the back needed. I feel like this is the most authentic and raw performance I've seen. So simple, yet so powerful.

by Cheyenne Hamm 6 days ago

The last "HOLY" sounded like an angel's choir!

by Andrei Neagu 6 days ago

No one can beat the swag of Justin Bieber. He is not like other singers who are going viral by using A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees

by Scarlet Harmison 4 days ago

You can clearly see that he is in peace within himself. He has gone through a lot over the years and everyone thinks beeing a celebrity is easy but I can't imagine being judged for every word and move by millions of people. It's nice to see how much he is enjoying his performance.

by Maki Silva 6 days ago

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