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Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)

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Lonely is out now: http://smarturl.it/imsolonely
Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier
If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at http://activeminds.org/lonely .
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Produced by Park Pictures
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer Cody Ryder
DP - Jason McCormick
Steadicam - Dana Morris
Production Designer - Scott Falconer
VFX - Chris Buongiorno
Color Grading - Michael Rossiter The Mill
#Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco
Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

#Bieber #blanco #Jam #Justin #Keep #Lonely #Secrets/Def #Records

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I don’t know why people hate Justin. He is a wonderful person who loves good and loves to help ....

by Dasha flood ؛𖤐. 1 day ago

Justin's voice has never been better, he sounds so good, so angelic

by Jikook Related 12 minutes ago

“People know your name, not your story. They’ve heard what you’ve done, but not what you’ve been through. So take their opinions of you with a grain of salt. In the end, it’s not what others think, it’s what you think about yourself that counts. Sometimes you have to do exactly what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everyone else.” – Unknown

by big thinker 46 minutes ago

The thing is, people think being alone makes you lonely, but I don't think that's true. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.
The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself.

(Btw, I just posted an acoustic cover of this song, if you wanna watch it ^^)

by Davi Juan 33 minutes ago

In the words of Bojack HorseMan: “Everyone loves you but nobody likes you & that is the loneliest feeling in the world”😞😔🥺😢😭

by MultiStor1 33 minutes ago

Maybe after this song people who talk shit about Justin, start to reflect a little. Incredible music! ❤️🙏

by Sete 13 hours ago

Just imagine How many People are Listening to this Song with you Right now 🎧

by CHAMATH VLOGS 18 minutes ago

I seriously can’t stop crying. With the outfit and everything, all the memories are coming back. We were always here for you Justin, even when you felt lonely 💜

by Aisha Alansari 40 minutes ago

Why did we bully him so much when he was just a kid? He was literally only 13/14 and the whole world hated him for absolutely no reason. And then we criticized him when he acted out later on... like no shit, you would too if the internet was constantly coming for you. If that happened to ME when I was 13, that would have absolutely destroyed me.

by PSUNNY Films 29 minutes ago

I enjoy how this was so simple not flashy not dramatic literally simple and the video along with the music wrote the story perfectly and we ALL knew what he was talking about. This is raw music feels as raw as down to earth. Hope your feeling better Justin were all here for you

by Kelli 43 minutes ago

Just never did anything like this before.. he’s showing his true story❤️

by Physics 13 hours ago

When someone has everything after a while they get bored because everything is easy and worse when you are a famous person who cannot even go out and you do not know if the people around you really appreciate you or it is for you or money fame. That is why many famous people take drugs or take their own lives.

by Sebastian Bartolo 40 minutes ago

Wish people weren’t so quick to bring people down. Look where you are now, Justin! Way to put your hope in something everlasting and always present!

by Brianna Bassie 28 minutes ago

Who ever dislike this mv they really doesn't have hearts i mean how can u dislike this meaning full & masterpiece songs. They really don't know what is songs & music means.....

by KPOP STAN 52 minutes ago

thank you for opening up more and showing your true story, not everybody knows what goes on behind the scenes. we appreciate you man

by Kybo 11 hours ago

I don't think I'll be able to hear him sing this live without crying

by CATERMINATOR 47 minutes ago

it seems that Justin has changed, and judge him for his past mistakes is just dumbness, im from Brazil and I'm a Justin's fan since 2010, whatever he did it is on the past and people should just leave it there, that song is perfect and it seems really deep words

by iLLuZioNz 22 minutes ago

as a belieber I think I can speak on behalf of all the other beliebers that no matter how much time passes or how old we get, we love you Justin. we care about you, we want to see you do well, and we're so blessed by your impact on our lives. thanks for showing us it's okay to be lonely and we can get through it.

by Tara 18 minutes ago

So aren't we gonna appreciate this child artist? He definitely did a great job 👏👏

by Vaishnavi GADDAMANUGU 49 minutes ago

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