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Lin-Manuel Miranda performs "Alexander Hamilton" at The White House

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Lin-Manuel Miranda performs "Alexander Hamilton" at The White House Poetry Jam. The moment how the hype began!
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This is kind of a work in progress. tests it out at the white house edit: I love how this comment started getting replies again with Hamilton coming out on Disney+ soon

by Ava Nicole 2 years ago

I love how nobody took him seriously and even laughed at one point. He wasn't going waste his shot

by Clyde Cromey 1 week ago

Lin-Manuel Miranda: I wrote a new musical where should i test it out?
Ah yes the white house

by Luc 2 months ago

he did it. he actually did it. he managed to sing every part of the musical number all by himself

by Frances Welsh 3 months ago

“I’ll be singing vice-president Burr”
sings everyone’s role

by Jaira Playz 3 weeks ago

It must be nice, It must be nice, to have Obama on your side...

by RazzleDazzle 2 years ago

someone should tell this guy to make this into a musical

by Zoobomb 1 month ago

Obama smiles at Lin's rap piece and gives him a standing ovation

Lin 2 seconds later: Well that finalizes it....I'm growing my Hamilton hair out now.

by Shannon 4 weeks ago

Lin: Alexander Hamilton...
Crowd: laughs
years later...
Lin: Alexander Hamilton...

by chaunskiez 1 month ago

I love how adorable he was. He kept saying uh and um. My public speaking teacher would be crying

by Pearl the rebel 5 months ago

'Alexander Hamilton But Everyone Is Lin Manuel Miranda'

by Lacey Maher 2 years ago

Back when the White House had culture and class.

by K 3 months ago

Imagine making a musical, and just casually, “testing” it at the White House and in front of tons of people, and the president

by Charlie the Champion 3 weeks ago

I’m not going to get political, but like, this is just one of the many things Obama did better than trump. He didn’t just think of America, he celebrated its arts and culture, and the arts and culture of people all around the globe, even dedicating events like this too it. To my knowledge, this has never happened in the current administration. He truly was one of the best

by CC Lewis 1 month ago

The audience laughs because its so original, no one ever thought a musical could be like this... Years later and I know every word!!

by John Driscoll 3 months ago

Lin Manuel: I'm working on a musical about someone who embodies hip hop: Hamilton
Everyone: *laughs*
Lin Manuel: Just you wait...

by oh wow 3 years ago

What do you guys think of that one school shooter? He seemed really awkward the entire time

by Zechariah Lesshouse 1 month ago

They had no idea how big this was going to become.

by ronscott7 1 month ago

Is anyone watching this after Hamilton got released to Disney+

by Emma Fishman 3 weeks ago

I can’t believe this song is 11 years old.

by Rdskinsfan27 1 month ago

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