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#gadamn high #gah damn high #god damn high #gahdamn high #Music
Juicy J - ‘GAH DAMN HIGH’ ft. Wiz Khalifa
Stream/Download: http://lnk.to/GDH
Starring, Juicy J
Wiz Khalifa
Gary Vaynerchuk
Lena The Plug
Fahim Anwar.
Dani Goffstein
Juliah Taylor
A Psycho Films Production
Directed by Joe Weil
Executive Producer(s): Sam Canter & Darin Stewart.
Associate Producer: Fred Coates
Producer: Geenah Krisht.
Director of Photography: Philips Shum.
Production Designer: LB Minnich.
Editor: Nathan Castiel.
Sound Mixer: Jack Goodman
1st AC: Octavio Estrada
Color: Philips Shum
Rollout by: VOTO
Original artwork: Struggle Inc
Photographer: Edgar Daniel
New merch: https://asteriskgoods.com
Follow Juicy J
Website: http://thejuicyj.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/juicyj
Twitter: http://twitter.com/therealjuicyj
Facebook: http://facebook.com/juicyjmusic

#gaddamnhigh #godamn high

Juicy J photo 1 Juicy J - GAH DAMN... Juicy J photo 2 Juicy J - GAH DAMN... Juicy J photo 3 Juicy J - GAH DAMN... Juicy J photo 4 Juicy J - GAH DAMN...

I will forever be a fan of Juicy J. His songs are timeless.

by Alex Walshon 2 months ago

This man 45 looking like he's in his early 30s

by Qisthatdude 2 months ago

this is not music videos, this is like black version of curb your enthusiasm.

by 京都市Jokels 2 months ago

The only thing I want to know is if Juicy really did that painting 🤔🤔

by WESMAN381381 2 months ago

Wiz Khalifa part of the video looks like he's on punishment and his friends are outside 😂

by Jeremy Ibu 2 months ago

Let’s just all take a moment to appreciate the fact that the YouTube comment section is still filled with real people, with valid opinions and arguments. Imagine if it became like IG where it’s polluted with only bots and self-promoters.

by King Jag 2 months ago

When he said "damn"hitting that ball. I dont know why that was so funny.

by Queen Enchantment 2 months ago

Wiz Khalifa looks like his mom didn’t let him out 😂

by Roberto Hernandez 2 months ago

"what's good family?"

by KUZU 1 month ago

“A day in the life of Juicy J” episodes would be entertaining, in my opinion.

by Albert's World 2 months ago

"I aint got nuthin else to do"🤷‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣

by Everette Horton 2 months ago

Lex Luger is back. Basically 10 years after he and Juice Mane changed the game.

by Calvin L. Stevens 3 weeks ago

I like how juicy J had some funny parts in his video we all need a laugh especially times like what we're going through now stay safe everyone

by Jonathan Ezell 2 months ago

The little choo choo train that's funny wiping down everything lol

by Rex Moore 2 months ago

Plot twist: he’s actually high asf and didn’t know this was being filmed.

by Archxn Archxn 2 months ago

My college days was the shit In Memphis bigs up to mca Overton park juicy j yeah

by Lamar Lamar 1 week ago

Lmfao he said Wiz killed the verse hahaha 😂 “I show up n show out, I show up n I show out hahaha

by toketellajokechoke 2 months ago

This is what juicy j has evolved into a family man ! God was with him and Dj Paul not to be in those fed charges wit Craig Petties

by Charis Glaze 5 days ago

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