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Edward Norton LOSES HIS MIND With CRAZY Trump Theory on Twitter! Hollywood is Freaking Out!

JosiahRises photo 1 Edward Norton LOSES HIS MIND... JosiahRises photo 2 Edward Norton LOSES HIS MIND... JosiahRises photo 3 Edward Norton LOSES HIS MIND... JosiahRises photo 4 Edward Norton LOSES HIS MIND...

He is still our President and will continue to be

by Tamara Austin 1 month ago

He's a paid actor. The love of money is the root of all evil.

by Archangel Metatron 1 month ago

"We cannot let this mobster bully the USA". The irony of the Left.

by Anthony U. 1 month ago

The last time this guy was relevant, I think Queen Victoria was still alive. Hes just desperate for attention

by Ethanol 1 month ago

Norton, your 15 minutes is up. Please go away & stop trying to be relevant when you're not.

by linross246 1 month ago

im done with movies and actors. there is much more in life than make believe.

by Jay Mangum 1 month ago

If Hollywood doesn't like Trump, that makes me like Trump even more!

by Kevin Ho 1 month ago

Democrats version of the fight club;The only rule about voter fraud is not to talk about voter fraud

by yallHateNATE Diggity 1 month ago

Trump lives rent free in all their heads. 😆😆😆

by Micah Ornelas 1 month ago

Why people care what people who play pretend for a living have to say is beyond me

by noah Chardon 1 month ago

Norton is so bat sh*t crazy that even Hollyweird doesn't want to work with him! 🤣

by Heath Lawrence 1 month ago

"We cannot let this mobster bully the USA.....Now put on your mask and stay inside ...youre under lockdown citizen....no smiles or singing permitted " --- Democrat logic

by dwheel39 1 month ago

Trump’s not the guy with the swastika on his chest Ed 🤪

by Voodoo Trucking 1 month ago

With Edward Norton he may just be feeling emasculated because he has become a complete sissy.

by Kid Funko 1 month ago

These people are really going to go crazy when Trump wins!!

by Margaret Brisbin 1 month ago

He looks like he's in the black eye club.

by rick pierce 1 month ago

Trump lives in Hollywood actors heads, rent free.

by P L 1 month ago


by Pam Moreau 1 month ago

Whenever I hear celebrities go crazy about Trump; I wonder what kind of crimes they have committed. At this point, I won't watch their movies again.

by Sharon Smith 1 month ago

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