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The Perfect Steak | But Cheaper

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Steak is expensive, right? Well, it doesn't have to be. As a matter of fact, these quick and easy steak tips and methods aided with the Quicker Picker Upper will be your secret because, with Bounty, you can do more with less. I'm proud to partner with Bounty who, together with Feeding America, is helping provide 10 million meals to people in need..
Also welcome to Episode 1 of But Cheaper!
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Ingredients you'll need.
Sous Vide Steak, 1-1.5 inch steak
salt and pepper to taste
1.5 tablespoons 21g unsalted butter
1 sprig rosemary
For Basting, 3 tablespoons (42g) unsalted butter
aromatics like whole garlic, and hardy herbs

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Joshua Weissman photo 1 The Perfect Steak | But... Joshua Weissman photo 2 The Perfect Steak | But... Joshua Weissman photo 3 The Perfect Steak | But... Joshua Weissman photo 4 The Perfect Steak | But...

Okay so do we want this to be in the cabinet too?? I figured you’d want to air out for a new series....???

by Joshua Weissman 1 months ago

“It doesn’t look that good right now, but watch this!”

by LODIELIE B 1 months ago

The comparison that would've sold me was:
Would you rather eat the $7 steak 10 times or the $70 steak once.

by Colin Jay 1 months ago

“Steak is probably one of thee most expensive things people will buy and eat”

Laughs in my monthly cheese bill

by jman_jd10 1 months ago

Looks good, reminds me of the song of my smoke alarm.

by Winkie Man 1 months ago

Honestly I feel like Josh is making every restaurant go out of business.

by TheUltamateG 1 months ago

josh: but cheaper series
college students: yes

by diabetic thing 1 months ago

Well shit, I guess i won't be making this without Bounty then.

by theqwertykey 1 months ago

Josh: feelin cute might get sponsored by Disney

by Manuel Mendoza 1 months ago

We didn't start in the cupboard. It feels wierd.

Something's wrong I can feel it.

by Piano _Rockxz 2 weeks ago

Josh 3 months ago:
“I’m gonna use this old cloth instead of wasting things like paper towels.”
Josh after Bounty sponsors him:
“If you roll 13 tubes of paper towels together and light them on fire, it makes a great replacement for fireworks...”

by Dan Richards 1 months ago

I know he's saying: "but cheaper" but I keep hearing Buttcheek-er 😂 anyone else?

by Andella Kovar 1 months ago

Drinking game : Drink everytime josh says bounty paper towel.

by Hasan Mahmud 1 months ago

I’m gunna find where he lives and actually hid in the cabinet and wait for him to open it.

by DaSracasticFish 1 months ago

It's really uncanny to see a bounty advertisement on youtube...
It just feels wrong

by Hunt3r101 1 months ago

1. This is already my favorite series of yours
2. We didn’t start in the cabinet, something feels wrong

by Jacob Williams 1 months ago

guga: where’s the garlic powder, wHERE IS IT

by Renzo 1 months ago

Are we just gonna pass that Josh just flexed his Asbestos hands when he dipped his finger into the water

by Tm69 1 months ago

Question: Whenever I sousvide my steaks I typically like the hold the steak on the side and render the fat some. Any reason why you didn’t do that?

by Alex Habib 1 months ago

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