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Halloween Kills: Teaser Breakdown + New Michael Myers MASK!

Jimmy Champane photo 1 Halloween Kills: Teaser Breakdown +... Jimmy Champane photo 2 Halloween Kills: Teaser Breakdown +... Jimmy Champane photo 3 Halloween Kills: Teaser Breakdown +... Jimmy Champane photo 4 Halloween Kills: Teaser Breakdown +...



by Jimmy Champane 2 months ago

The girl running by the tree looks like it could be Lindsey

by Larz Niesen 2 months ago

Dude this got me so fucking amped. Instinctually, I kept my eyes peeled for the Myers house. Possible Allyson was in the foyer when she’s screaming. Doorways and stair positioning (from the direction she’s looking) are similar, but it’s also not dilapidated, so idk. One year... one very longggggg year haha

by Adventures of Zach and B 2 months ago

I'm thinking the firefighters pulled him out of the house maybe and took the mask off and bandaged his hand. Or paramedics

by Matthew Saunders 2 months ago

This teaser was so exciting and that shot of the mask is just breathtaking! "Looking a little crispy over there Mikey"

by Conor Harte 2 months ago

I'll be honest, I loved seeing Michael without the mask. Seeing an old dude with a bad eye wrecking people was pretty terrifying.

by czmisfitsfan 2 months ago

The girl running away from her car where Micheal is it isn’t Allyson it’s Lindsey

by Luke Davis 2 months ago

My eight yr old self is jumping out right now!!, and my god we are teased once again

by Caleb Ellis 2 months ago

The girl running by the tree is definitely Lindsey Wallace.

by Blakester Savage 2 months ago

Man I've had a bad day. I first asked Jason to take my friends swimming at the lake, then I asked Freddy to put the kids down for a nap and I just asked Michael to take the babysitter home. Luckily I'll be able to relax once Hannibal gets here for dinner.

by Blue River Lore 2 months ago

I think Michael walking up to grab his mask is just for the teaser, that's my guess how would it be in the middle of the road lol

by Caleb Ellis 2 months ago

The movie looks great! I love the atmosphere at the beginning of the trailer. Haddonfield looks darker than ever before and it looks like David Gordon Green also created a movie that is actually way scarier than Halloween 2018.

by Dark Ninja 2 months ago

If I had to pick a theory the part of him picking up his mask will be the ending, and a lead in to Halloween Ends

by Josh Blackburn 2 months ago

I feel like michael will be taken from the building in an ambulance and the people inside will take off his mask. Then on the way to the hospital they wrap up his hand. Then he will wake up like in halloween 4 and crash the car and kill everyone inside. During the crash the mask flies into the road where he walks over and picks it up.
I dunno

by Red Forsberg 2 months ago

I think the firefighters found Michael unconscious then they took him out of the house l, took off his mask and then bandaged him up until he wakes up and kills them 🎃🎃🤔🤔

by Noah Jones 2 months ago

People complained about Michael’s face being shown in Halloween (2018)? In 2018’s opening scene, only his eye and nose were visible, and only for a split second! In the original, his entire face was visible for a good bit. I never understood the frustration with Michael’s face being shown because it was exposed in the original film in its entirety...

by Jamie Wayne 2 months ago

Maybe he passes out, medics bandage his hand up and somehow he escapes

by NateyBoi 2 months ago

Jimmy “I don’t know what to do with my hands” Champane

by Jacob Reeves 2 months ago

I'm dressing up as 1978 Michael Myers and gonna walk around my town and play the theme and scare everyone. 🧡🖤🔪🎃

by Jose Edaakie 2 months ago

Jimmy is excited...he's smiling and talking at the same time, lol. Can't wait till next year.

by Ralph Bednarski 2 months ago

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