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Calling Scammers by their real names

This group of popup scammers got a little more than they bargained for after I called them.
The fake company names are, https://www.techknacks.com
The real name of the company is: Artico Media Sky. This is the company registration, https://www.zaubacorp.com/company/ARTICO-MEDIA-SKY-PRIVATE-LIMITED/U74999HR2018PTC075617
You will be able to see the full details of the company director in that website.
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Intro and outro by Pico...
Pico's details, discord icaro#5423
email icaro-055hotmail.com
Outro music, http://freemusicarchive.org/music/BoxCat_Games/ (Epic Song)

Jim Browning photo 1 Calling Scammers by their real... Jim Browning photo 2 Calling Scammers by their real... Jim Browning photo 3 Calling Scammers by their real... Jim Browning photo 4 Calling Scammers by their real...

"Are you going to report this to Archit?"
scammer.exe stopped working

by Peterscraps 2 months ago

Scammer: tries to get peoples' personal details

This guy: Gets their's

by Ashby Seabrook 2 days ago

keep it doing!! great work

regards from Poland

by chester 6 days ago

This guy definitely doesn't delete his search history

by Amarion 2 days ago

This guy probably sat down his parents and told them they were adopted

Edit:This is unoriginal it doesnt need this much likes

by Spx_cle 1 week ago

Last time I got a spam call they said they would take my car away if I didn’t pay them 2000 dollars

I was twelve

by BetterThanPie 2 months ago

This is sad. You can hear kid in the background while the parent is scamming dozens of people a day. His kids are going to grow up in that dishonest environment and will be affected for the rest of their lives.

by Sam Mao 3 days ago

*Opens up THEIR webcams
“I see everything Shanlamo.”

by Joon Beck 1 day ago

Scammers: "Sir I'll be needing to verify your profile"
Him: *Reverse Uno Card*

by Demian Hajong 1 day ago

if you changed your background picture to him that would have been hilarious.

by Ldoglover24 1 week ago

I can’t even send my google classroom essay in & he over here scamming scammers

by Izzy Pp 2 days ago

Pizza dude: hey, this is Dominos. How may I-
Guy: Hello, Larry.
Pizza dude: ...
Pizza dude: WHAT THE FU-

by Dinomoo1212 2 days ago

This dude is like living anti virus

by Kyle G. 4 days ago

Me to my scammers:

“Oh hey, I was boutta go to bed. Sorry we couldn’t Skype tonight, but, that’s alright. Goodnight man from Guragram, I’ll see ya tomorrow”


by Swrve™ 2 days ago

The way he can hack into video calls, addresses and everything about the scammer's background is cool and scary at the same time.

by Kyla Monique V. Froyalde 2 months ago

His voice and what he was doing reminded me so much of "Taken" with Liam Neeson.

by AquaPolo 2 days ago

Imagine scammers trying to scam a hacker. Lol

by Neil Hoobs 1 day ago

Me: “wants to download game”

Hackers: “exist”

Me: guess I’ll have to only download steam games GOODBYE GAMES THAT RNT ON STEAM!

by Bobcat 1573 6 hours ago

Scammer: Exists
Jim Browning: That wasn't very cash money of you.

by Raed Rahman 23 hours ago

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