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Hi! I've never shared my pregnancy story but now that Annica is the age I was when I found out........ I thought it was time to sit her down 😜 It's taken a long time for me to stop feeling shameful and start feeling PROUD of us.
Hope you enjoy 💓
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Jennica and Annica photo 1 PREGNANT AT 13 - BECOMING... Jennica and Annica photo 2 PREGNANT AT 13 - BECOMING... Jennica and Annica photo 3 PREGNANT AT 13 - BECOMING... Jennica and Annica photo 4 PREGNANT AT 13 - BECOMING...

IF YALL DONT STOP TALKIN ABOUT ANNICA’S NECK 😂 it’s a straightener burn, it’s scabbing, and she’s not seen another human in over a month bc quarantine c’mon

by Jennica and Annica 8 months ago

let’s admit we didn’t search for this, we just watched the whole thing.

by Lauren Thompson 8 months ago

Her at 14: a mother
Me at 14: taking a quiz online to see what cheese I am based off my favorite movie

by T Sparkle 1 month ago

me, a 19 year old boy:


by Given Warner 1 month ago

Those two are more like sisters than mum and daughter, it actually looks like they have a great relationship which is good

by Tee Martin 1 month ago

When I was 13 I was opening and closing my fridge to see how the light turned off

by Abraham Martinez 8 months ago

Her at 28: a mother of a 13 year old
Me at 28: crying over kpop boys

by Minghao Xu 1 month ago

Her at 13: having a child

Me at 12: running up the basement stairs bc there’s monsters

by Lola Klein 1 month ago

How many times did it say “meanwhile in the womb”

by Kylee Rae 1 month ago

My two older sisters got pregnant at 13-14 while my mum was 16, since I’m next the sister and is 16 it is expected for me to be having a boyfriend and having my first time- little did everyone know I was gay

by Carmen Mockingjay 1 month ago

Girl if I had my period all through pregnancy I’d be asking for a refund

by Jamie Pennock 6 months ago

My mom was 14 when she got pregnant with me, 15 she was a mother. The crazy but funny thing is my aunt who was 18 had my cousin 9 months before I was born and my step grand mother also got pregnant and gave birth to my half uncle 3 months before me. So we grew up almost like siblings. I don't think we has any funny stories from this ... at least none my mom has shared. This video brings up the fun memories of me and young mom. Like kids at my school always thought she was my sister. x3

by IvyDarkRose 4 days ago

Her mom :I made a mistake.


Her mom :your not a mistake

by Leighann Pollard 1 month ago

“Meanwhile in my womb” 💀💀😂😂😂 got me every time😂😂😂

by Nirvana Ssmith 1 month ago

Me as a 30 year old successful male:

Sweating with anxiety at the thought of having a kid...

by beechcraftpvp 1 month ago

Her at 13: *gets pregnant*
Me at 18: *runs out of the bathroom the second I turn the lights off*

by Em East 8 months ago

Got pregnant at 18. Was a married mother of 1 at 19. A divorcing mother of 2 at 21. A single mother at 22. They are now 22 & 19. My daughter is a recent college graduate, my son recently graduated high school. Both are amazing, loving, kind, and considerate human beings. They are my biggest blessings❤️

by Boops Scoopz 1 month ago

Ok can we talk about the fact that everyone knew she was pregnant before she even knew

by shbllgmlcmsh Shy123 1 month ago

why aint no one asking how this person knew that she was pregnant before her??

by Not Me 1 month ago

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