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HEY EVERYONE! Today I brought my girl Laura Lee over to test out the world's most EXPENSIVE highlighters!!!! Her and I love reviewing and doing first impressions ANDDDD we LOVE the glow... So do these products actually work?? La Mer has a $130 highlighter and my jaw almost dropped when I saw that price tag!! We also try highlighters from Becca Cosmetics, Tom Ford, Dior and Burberry! Which ones flopped and which ones were blinding??? Watch and find out!!
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jeffreestar photo 1 TESTING OUT THE WORLD'S MOST... jeffreestar photo 2 TESTING OUT THE WORLD'S MOST... jeffreestar photo 3 TESTING OUT THE WORLD'S MOST... jeffreestar photo 4 TESTING OUT THE WORLD'S MOST...

Jeffree is srsly the only person who looks normal without brows

by Paula Abad 3 years ago

Laura: "oohh it comes with a nice little brush"
Jeffree: "it comes with a basic ass brush, this wouldn't even distribute the powder"
Laura: "yeah! right!"

by Kylie Jade 3 years ago

All that highlighter and sheโ€™s still shady as hell

by FightTheFandoms 1 year ago

All the comments talking about how annoying Laura is, and I'm just too excited that jeffree said holosexuals๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฟ

by MONTSE 3 years ago

She never deserved Jeffree's friendship and love

by T e a g a n 1 year ago

I love Laura, but I feel like she's faking it in this video.. like she's trying so hard to have fun but isn't :(

by Katie Parks 3 years ago

expensive hilighters are never super flashy because the target audience doesn't want it to look unnatural. makes sense to me

by Kasia Katarzyna 3 years ago

I don't know if anyone noticed. but Jeffree said "holosexual" as in simply nailogical โค where my holosexuals at?

by Raven S 3 years ago

I like how jeffrees content is still going strong. Alot of people who become successful just stop caring about there subscribers.

by Lauren Jay 3 years ago

what could be fun is laura applying Jeffree's makeup without him seeing which products she's using and him guessing if its high end or low end, the price and brand based on his experience with makeup

by Emily Tobin 3 years ago

Does anyone else feel like Laura Lee is trying to hard?

by Justin Tibet 3 years ago

Anybody here in 2019? ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Tabby Smith 1 year ago

I feel like Laura's energy is so low...like she's downplaying her personality because of all the haters. Be yourself girl ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

by Taylor H 3 years ago

Everyone is complaining that Laura just copies Jeffree but she literally says her opinion first, and then jeffree agrees to. They both have same taste idk why you people are coming for Laura, if u wanna come for someone come for Manny now he is someone that just agrees.

by kibanaru221 3 years ago

If it's $130 it better clear my skin, make my crops thrive, and be more blinding than the sun.

by chloe jividen 3 years ago

Jeffree: "I almost feel like it did apply...."
Laura: "I do too"

Shit, Jeffree didn't even finish his sentence and Laura already agreed

by Charms 3 years ago

Jeffrey: "Now the box looks really like holosexual"

by niveda kumar 3 years ago

Is it me or laura lee reminds you of how kourtney kardashian talks

by Mapis Chinchilla 3 years ago

My 3 year old son watched this with me and said, "I love him" โค๏ธ my heart is so full! ๐Ÿ˜

by Shelby Evans 3 years ago

Laura "it comes with a nice brush"
Jeffree "I don't like the brush"
Laura "yeah me either"
๐Ÿ˜‚ love Laura but that made me laugh

by Jasmine Marie 3 years ago

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