jazmine sullivan on it audio ft ari lennox

jazmine-sullivan photo 1 jazmine sullivan on it audio... jazmine-sullivan photo 2 jazmine sullivan on it audio... jazmine-sullivan photo 3 jazmine sullivan on it audio... jazmine-sullivan photo 4 jazmine sullivan on it audio...

Manifesting a video directed by Teyana Taylor

by A R 1 week ago

Their voices together is like magical butter. I needed this after yesterday's bullshit.

by Sir Abyss 2 weeks ago

Ok, I just listened to this song again, fully clothed, and by the end...I was somehow butt ass naked in my living room, smoking a cigarette...And I don't smoke. 🔥

by Chuck Deezy 2 weeks ago


by B3AUT33 2 weeks ago

Not many people can keep up with Jazmine, Ari held her own..they blended like a good lace front..there were parts where you almost couldn’t tell who was who..queens give us more🔥😍

by Jasmyn Moore 2 weeks ago

Towards the end, I couldn't tell if they were saying, sit, spit, or spin, but I'm here for all'um..lol!

by Jesse Fezia 2 weeks ago

I’m more of an “on it” girl not a “WAP” girl 😝😝😝😝

by Amber Elise 2 weeks ago

This the neo soul version of WAP and I’m all for it

by Tyesha H. 1 week ago

Issa Rae finna make the best Scene to this jam right her mmhmhhh🤪😏

by Colewayny _32 1 week ago

It's giving me D'Angelo's "How does it feel" vibes .I love it ♥️♥️♥️♥️

by She's So Jerzee 1 week ago

Just had to block someone before I do something I regret.....

by Ki’Arra Jariah 2 weeks ago

I know I’m being greedy but “ I want visuals!!” I know I can’t be the only one🥰

by GracefulVirgo 2 weeks ago

With my husband for 20yrs, high school love, teen parents and I still feel the same energy thats in this song!

by Letisha Brooks 1 week ago

If you’re reading this, don’t call him sis, leave them problems in 2020😭

by A Janeau 1 week ago

🥺🥺🥺 I’m cryinggg. Cause I know how bad Ari wanted this moment. & I was waiting on Ari to drop “ Sit on it” since she leaked it on IG live!!!! Omg!!!! Let’s go Jaz & Ari!! JAZMINE is backkkk 🌹🌹

by A 2 weeks ago

If this is pronounced “Hoe Tales” I’m done 😂
So classy 😂😂🖤

by Queen Ki 2 weeks ago

YALL BETTER SAAANNNGGGG THIS SONG!!!!! My ears are pregnant!

by CeeJai Willcox 2 weeks ago

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