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PS5 Preorder Live Stream - Amazon Prime Day and Best Buy

#PS5 Preorder Wave 3 is potentially happening during Prime Day on Amazon and also at Best Buy. With no announcements from either of them on #ps5prorders it is unlikely they will have any in stock but I am staying up anyways to be sure.
Prime Day officially starts at 3am EST and Midnight PT. This stream will start 2 hours before Prime Day actually begins.
IF you are trying to preorder the #playstation5 or just want to hang out in the chat, feel free to join me!
Consider becoming a member to use custom emoji's and have a green name in my stream chat!
Watch my Generation 8 Pokemon rap if you're on the fence about subscribing...no, seriously, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN8eIkZDSCU
Don't forget about my PS5 Console Giveaway which I will do by January!
My Twitter and other Social Media, IG - JakeRandall72
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Jake_Randall_YT
Discord - https://discord.gg/JjGVhcz
Thank you for watching my Gaming and PS5 Content!

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Yeah another bust. I knew this wasn't happening.

by IrishSamuraiX 3 months ago

You are awesome Jake!! I know what its like bein sick!! Sux!!! Keep your head up!!

by michael johnson 3 months ago

So proud of my brother โค๏ธ

by Grace Randall 3 months ago

Man im gutted theres no pre order for me ive never missed one

by gavin oliver 3 months ago

Fell upon a hard time and missed my chance to get one . smh congrats to those whose who managed to get one. Its looking like 2021 or something for me

by Tune Wrench 3 months ago

Congrats on 10k subs!!!

by 3 months ago

I was on all night and morning nothing still said coming soon

by Deshaun Maniece 3 months ago

Lol ok...better luck next time. Thanks for stay with us

by Wei Tang 3 months ago


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John -47
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by SUPER_SAYIN 3 months ago

congratulations 10K subscribers

by JarvisDavis 3 months ago

Hey Jake, it's been a couple days since you stream. Don't get down about what happened a few days ago, no one was holding a gun to anyone's head to be at that 3am stream. At the end of the day people make their own decisions and they obviously thought it was worth a shot. Don't go into hiding, keep streaming, you da man!

by narcissist31 3 months ago

I found out that youโ€™ve been dealing with CF and have been through a lot and also have been dealing with a lot of hate online. I feel like an asshole now I watched more of your stream and realized your a good dude. I just thought you were trying to take advantage of people but I can tell your being genuine and want to help and spread good vibes. Sorry for being a jerk just now.. I spoke too soon. Take care buddy. ๐Ÿ™

by CodeNameUnicorn 3 months ago

What time the PlayStation 5 Iโ€™m going to restock in best buy

by Street Bike life 3 months ago

Jake your a great person awlays make people happy all of your videos help me out when Iโ€™m sad and helping a lot of people is great :)

by Nicko 1234 3 months ago

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