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Satisfied [Hamilton Animatic] - full version

#storyboard #animatic #jakekimstory #hamilton #Film & Animation
Storyboard & Animatic by Jake Kim
Music, Lyrics, & Book by Lin-Manuel Miranda

#musical #satisfied

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Angelica: trying to find a way to make her sister happy
While I'm here searching for ways to get back to my brother for eating the last chicken nugget

by M E T C H A Y 1 years ago


by gertrude relish 7 months ago

angelica : "he will never be satisfied."
hamilton : cheats

me : ya damn right, girl.

by vrowniez 10 months ago

I love how when she’s in the flashback her dress is bright red and then later and the wedding it’s muted and pink

by molly kunkle 9 months ago

"You can't fall in love with the guy you just met."


by midnight sunnn 7 months ago

Me: I want to rap like lafayette
Also me: Can't even rap like angelica

by Jeru H 7 months ago

I love how Eliza is still singing helpless when we go back into the past, and we get to see Angelica's side of the story. The whole thing is genius.

by Good Times 7 months ago

I love how Angelica looks back and forth between them when she realizes her sister is in love with Hamilton. She just looks so broken.

by Ridlinrin 7 months ago

Angelica: So this is what it feels like to match wits with someone at your level, what the hell is the catch?-
Alexander: Cheats on Eliza, literally writes the damn Reynolds pamphlet, cannot say a simple 2 letter word

Angelica: ....

... so that’s the catch

by Zanibot 8 months ago

angelica:stares at wall for 5 minutes
Hamilton:"is she okay
Eliza:" i think shes having a panic attack "
angelica:"TO THE GROOM"
Eliza:"okay i think shes good"

by 【frog hoodie animates】 4 weeks ago

It would be entertaining to find out if they sang these songs in real life:

Angelica: “TO THE GROOM!”
Angelica: gets quieter 🎶 “i’m in love with my sister’s husband”🎶
Eliza: “what?”
Angelica: ...

by AMCG 8 months ago

Alexander: "there's a million things I haven't done"

Me: yup and one of those things is being satisfied

by kanori crimson 8 months ago

This honestly gets me in the feels so hard core everytime. I love this song and animated piece

by Kaylee T 9 months ago

Satisfied: A toast to the groom
Congratulations: A roast to the groom

by Ashlynn Jones 1 years ago

Angelica: Makes a big sacrifice for her sister

While here I am, always fighting with my sister and counting all the thing she had done to me so in can get revenge.

by StrxiiOfficial 1 months ago

I knew how Angelica felt when she had to give Hamilton away... I've been in that situation before.. this song hits me like a truck.

by toriitsu 2 months ago

You know this is the first Hamilton thing I’ve ever watched and I instantly fell in in love, I ended up crying for Angelica and rooting for her but after knowing the story I understood why she couldn’t be with Alexander. And I wanna thank you for amazing me with this masterpiece. I got more curious abt art after this and got into drawing so thanks! <3

by kwynnie 7 months ago

This is something that actually happened to me before: my bestest friend with a heart of gold fell in love with a boy in our show choir only problem was so was I. I hid it for months and eventually it all came out and the weirdest part? She didn't hate me for it, in fact it actually brought us closer as friends (almost like sisters) and now we have no more secrets between the two of us. (Mostly because she turned gay after all and started dating our other friend). Now she ships us like she never had feelings for the stupid boy in the first place. And yes I still like him, it's been a long time since I told my bestie my feelings. But now another friend of mine has a crush on the very same boy! I'm glad she felt comfortable enough to tell me about it, so now whenever he smiles at either of us we're so happy for each other. It's like we're Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy; sisters but not sisters.

by Kim saves the world With music 10 months ago

I actually hate how
Angelica's sacrifice
Ends up as
Alexander cheating.

by A_tummn 1 years ago

The person who drew this seems like the person who was on the storyboard sketch of Frozen idk- just get a vibe..

by KK Ahmed 1 months ago

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