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I tried to beat Minecraft with CallMeCarson

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very equal team, no anchors here
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Jaiden Animations photo 1 I tried to beat Minecraft... Jaiden Animations photo 2 I tried to beat Minecraft... Jaiden Animations photo 3 I tried to beat Minecraft... Jaiden Animations photo 4 I tried to beat Minecraft...

Letโ€™s just hope this video doesnโ€™t become a burden

by Biscuit564 The III 19 hours ago

Jaiden: So what do you like the most about being- you? Carson: dies of laughter quietly

by Maybe Tails The Fox 5 days ago

This collab hits a sweet spot of awkward and I'm here for it.

by anthpo 1 month ago

theodd1sout: wear your seat belt
somethingelseyt: stay hydrated
illymation: stay safe
jaiden animations: WHY CANT I BEAT MINECRAFT

by Samuel Moninger 3 days ago

Funny how after everyone heard about what Carson did we all came here one last time and wait to see what will happen to this video

by World Dominator Alice 21 hours ago

Jaiden, I hope you're doing ok. You don't deserve to be dragged into this shit.

by Mary Williams 15 hours ago

This hurts, the vod where Jaiden and carson had a deep talk about imposter syndrome was insightful and great, but now, its all just, soured

by A really mean person 17 hours ago

okay, now speedrun it

by Thafnine 1 month ago

itโ€™s sad that such a good video and animation is completely ruined in my mind now because carson decided he wanted to be a creep

by semicolontryfire 19 hours ago

Hey. You. I know why youโ€™re here. We all do.

by Tyla Fedele 12 hours ago

This video isn't gonna be the same anymore

by Adrian Nation 19 hours ago

Carson: Just go cook something
Jaiden: Hold my Cooking mama

by Golden Heart 2 days ago

You got Carson being intentionally awkward and you got Jaiden being unintentionally awkward
I love it

by Weegeepie 1 month ago

here before Jaiden deletes it

by Pixels 21 hours ago

Let me guess, you came from the drama to read the comments right?

by NoVaTheStarWarrior 19 hours ago

Think we all know why you came back to this video

by R.H 22 hours ago

Unfortunate. I wish she played with another person like Slimecicle or other Minecraft YouTubers like DanTDM.

by XxGoldenGiraffe 6 hours ago

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