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I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE END | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 12

jacksepticeye photo 1 I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE... jacksepticeye photo 2 I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE... jacksepticeye photo 3 I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE... jacksepticeye photo 4 I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE...

jack: who is that
the game: the sniper
jack: who is that
Ellie: uncle sniper
jack: is that joel
joel in his grave literally screaming ''who is the only character that had a high caliber sniper rifle''
Jack: he kinda looks like joel
Tommy: it is me the sniper
Jack: hold on didn't we bury Joel

by Mac Fay 1 months ago

When Dina was pleading Ellie not to leave, I felt that.
When Ellie was telling Dina that she no longer has peace, can't sleep, can't eat, and is barely making it through the day; I felt that too.

Dina's been through hell and back. But Ellie, she's still in hell.

by Ethan Cha 1 months ago

sniper: shoots abby
abby: uses med kit
Bullet wounds: understandable have a nice day

by Adam Borys 1 months ago

Is it just me or is Abby and Lev's relationship kind of like the relationship joel and ellie had in the first game? Like they didnt like each other at first but then grew to care for them more than anyone else

by T3CHN0xvz 1 months ago

The sad thing is Abby finally understands Joel's choice and why he did what he did. She did the same thing for Lev but it's too late, she already killed Joel and she can't take it back.

by PandaGirlDoesThings 1 months ago

Manny: This snipers a pro.
Jack: talks about killing him
Me: But it's Tommy.
Jack: on bridge you're not gonna let me shoot him?
Me: No because it's Tommy.
Jack: Wait that kinda looks like Joel.

by Cyber Wolf 1 months ago

Yara went out like a boss taking down Isaac.
Lev lost his home, mother, and sister all in one day.

Such a tragedy this game is :(

by Olivia 3 weeks ago

Lev: is cold.
Abby: Here.
Abby: Proceeds to give soaking wet jacket.

by Sir Grump 1 months ago

“Wait it kinda looks like Joel”

Imagine if Abby thought the same thing, the person she killed came back to kill her

by YaBigBoii II 1 months ago

It´s so sweet how when Abby asks how Yara´s arm is, she says it hurts, but when Lev asked she said she was fine.

by Jesse Gazin 1 months ago

I feel like Joel would actually rip Tommy a new one for making Ellie feel responsible for avenging him.

by tayler powell 1 months ago

We not gonna talk about how long it took him to realize that the sniper was tommy

by Liam Aguilar 3 weeks ago

this is so painfully upsetting. I just want Ellie to have closure and be able to live out a normal life peacefully, I can't help but cry seeing her refuse it. Refuse to give herself a chance. This game is beautiful and so painfully brutal Jesus, I haven't cried at a game this hard in years.

by Taylormine ! 1 months ago

Watching the last section of this video I realised "The last of us 3" should be about grumpy but badass middle aged Ellie trying to bond with teenage JJ.

by Bunnywana 1 months ago

when abby said "You're my people." to Lev the tears just erupted

by Kayla Schneider 1 months ago

i think ellie's desire for revenge might be partially fuelled by the fact that she was on bad terms with him when he died, so she wants to do right by him after his death... like proving him that she loves him or something?

by marrie chhafik 1 months ago

Before Yara died, like right before that scene, i was saying, “Please let these two kids survive i really like them...” and Yara literally died 5 seconds later.

by nyeknyek 1 months ago

Jacksepticeye reading a note and sees the word potatoe: Irish music intensifies

by John_75 2 weeks ago

Jack: Sprints through a burning town, after losing a character that he likes a lot, all of his weapons, and having a sickle fight with a guy with a big ass hammer.
Jack: Gets to Aquarium "This is where everything starts kicking off."

by Artius 2 weeks ago

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