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I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS | The Last Of Us 2 - Part 1

jacksepticeye photo 1 I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS... jacksepticeye photo 2 I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS... jacksepticeye photo 3 I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS... jacksepticeye photo 4 I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS...

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by jacksepticeye 1 months ago

Jack: "I'm not stupid!"

Also Jack: "Hey, do you think if I keep waving this bong around, I'll summon weed jesus?"

by Cyber Runner 1 months ago

Ellie and Dina: making out Jack: wow the lighting is great

by Erin Elliott 2 weeks ago

Jack: "Drunk words are SoBeR tHoUgHtS"
My friends when they're drunk: *while crying* "Toothbrushes are just...they're so important man" *sobs* "We don't give them enough recognition"

by Noelle 2 weeks ago

The game:
incredible story
large maps
well planned fight sequences
Jack: Look at this dust!

by Baby Bear 1 weeks ago

No one:
Not a single person:
Not even Dina:


by Katt626 :3 1 weeks ago

Jack: keeps rubbing the bong “weed jesus?”
puff of smoke
Snoop dogg: “what up”

by Joaquin Torres 1 months ago

"We don't need a flu shot we need a flamethrower." Should be the slogan of 2020...

by Kenton Riley 3 weeks ago

Absolutely not a soul:

JROTC kids: Damn she tied them boots fast

by Jonathan Comish 5 days ago

You have this strange connection with Ellie, saying all the things she's going to say.

by Amarie 1 weeks ago

A moment of silence for people who can't see with their ears.

by MangoliciousBird 1 months ago

Abby: mum said it's my turn to be protagonist..

by _?Blue Bells¿_ 3 weeks ago

Use me as a “I just came back from rewatching Jacks Previous “The Last of Us” 7 years ago walk through video so I can understand Part ll “ button

by Papi Psycho 2 weeks ago

Anyone else remember when Ellie when they were walking out of the college after Joel got impaled said “if I get you out of this your definitely singing for me” and in the beginning it looks like he kept up his promise

by Linnamonroll 3 weeks ago

Dena: “this better be better than a 6”
Jack: “looks better than a 6”

by TTV_ xanny 1 weeks ago

"The whole place is [dripping] with atmosphere"

And fungal secretions.

by That One Shy Guy 1 weeks ago

take a shot everytime Jack says "i can see with my ears!"

by Jazzman670 2 weeks ago

Anoyone who started crying when Joel sang? Miss you Joel...

by Amelie Nguyen 3 weeks ago

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