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YouTubers Reacting To Laura Lee's Apology (Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, Trisha Paytas)

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#shane #jeffree star #laura lee apology #shane dawson

Jack photo 1 YouTubers Reacting To Laura Lee's... Jack photo 2 YouTubers Reacting To Laura Lee's... Jack photo 3 YouTubers Reacting To Laura Lee's... Jack photo 4 YouTubers Reacting To Laura Lee's...

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by Jack 2 years ago

Her tears are as dry as her makeup palette

by Ellie__ Lee 1 year ago

Laura Lee
yes papa
racist tweets?
no papa
telling lies?
no papa
open twitter

by yariz 1 year ago

Jeffree's pink eyebrows are more realistic than Laura Lee's apology video

by mohammed assi 1 year ago

Jeffree is not my favorite person, however I respect how honest he is.
When he said 'how about you be honest with those who pay your bills''
That is just truth.

by soccerchick9841 2 years ago

I love how Jeffree’s tattoo has a flower on it 😂😂

by Jocy Sings 2 years ago

Ok, Laura is literally just using a high pitched voice and rubbing her eyes.....she is not even crying!

by Gwyn Ham 1 year ago

“Imagine not making an apology video.” That aged well.

by Krysta Briley 3 months ago

The fact that Shane’s reaction isn’t about Laura it’s about him lmao 😂

by Jodie Griffiths ツ 2 years ago

Her apology is a visual representation of me writing in my diary when I’m sad at the age of 12

by Gaby 1 year ago

Trisha impression of Laura's apology had more emotion then laura had in her own apology video😂😂

by Xandrea Renee 1 year ago

Wait.. Shane's reaction wasn't real. That was some gucci ass editing

by Luke Murray 1 year ago

Jeffrey can't say much now where is his apology it's taking him a while to make

by Loren Jane 2 months ago

50% of comments: I love how Jefree Star’s tattoo gets a filter😂
Other 50%: I wish Shane Dawson’s reaction was real but it was so funny😂

by Greta McLean 1 year ago

Laura:Knock knock

Eyes:Who's there?


Eyes:Tears who?

by FBI 10 months ago

Jefree stars teeth are more realistic than Laura Lee’s apology video

by s d 1 year ago

She is faker than the Shane reaction edit 😂

by Abk Monii 1 year ago

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