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What is Among Us? (Beginner's Guide, Review, Tips and Tricks)

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Among Us is a Hidden Role Survival Game for 4 - 10 Players. For those of you familiar with similar traitor style games, Among Us could be thought of as a blend between Werewolf and Deceit. In a game, 1 - 3 players will be Imposters, whose job is to kill all the other crew members without being caught, while Crewmembers must perform repairs and all the tasks across the map. Whenever a body is found the game stops as everyone votes to kill one person. Players talk, discuss evidence and exchange alibis as they must figure out the Imposters between them...
It goes without saying that sharing these videos goes along way. But aside from that, you can also join us in these games! https://discord.gg/Bb3MRnb
Introduction - 0:00
Crewmembers - 1:43
Imposters - 4:06
Emergency Meetings - 6:23
The Skeld - 8:03
MIRA HQ - 10:08
Polus - 12:22
Balanced Games - 14:09
General Tips - 15:27
Conclusion - 20:22

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Jack Benci photo 1 What is Among Us? (Beginner's... Jack Benci photo 2 What is Among Us? (Beginner's... Jack Benci photo 3 What is Among Us? (Beginner's... Jack Benci photo 4 What is Among Us? (Beginner's...

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