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A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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JACK AND GAB photo 1 A Message To Gabrielle Moses JACK AND GAB photo 2 A Message To Gabrielle Moses JACK AND GAB photo 3 A Message To Gabrielle Moses JACK AND GAB photo 4 A Message To Gabrielle Moses

I think we can all agree that 2020 was the worst year ever...

by Nxshta 1 week ago

If he didn’t mention the fact that they broke up, you would think he’s talking about someone who just passed away.
I’ve been in a situation like this where you have to move on as if the person never existed and I can tell you first hand that there’s very little in this world as difficult as mourning the loss of someone who is still living. It messes with your mind.
This breaks my heart, God bless them both and I hope they can find their way back to each other. Xo

by ShinePretty 1 week ago

y’all are soulmates. you’ll find your way back to eachother edit: pls stop attacking me, i made this comment before seeing syds video and now i have a completely different perspective on their relationship and now i get that jack is not good for her.

by mady styles 1 week ago

I can't believe they went from clickbait titles with "future wife" and "future husband" to this

by GlitchInTheSystem 1 week ago

he doesnt even seem like himself anymore🥺i’m crying

by gracyn knowles 1 week ago

A message to Jack Brinkman: We all love you

by Reece Logan 2 weeks ago

The worst part about losing someone is that after you lost them you realized how much you miss them

by Sofia Parodi 1 week ago

Jack: We aren't crying right now we just aren't Me in my head: man is that sentence so relatable for me

by misolou fout 1 week ago

“We’re not crying. Da**it “ I have been crying the whole time💙🥺HE IS SO WHOLESOME!

by VeRoNiCa HyAtT 1 week ago

I don’t think they ever really publicly came out with a “reason why they broke up” but I THINK it’s because all they knew was each other. And as beautiful as that was, they have to know themselves as their own people outside of their relationship with each other

by Cyndy Pierson 1 week ago

Jack: Gabrielle is the best thing that ever happened to me
Me: Uh oh...

Edit: TYSM for all the likes ❤️

by Izzy Butler 1 week ago

it’s literally the notebook. y’all will find each other again. it’s not over i know it

by Ava W 3 days ago

In her breakup video, she said she had no idea who she was a part from him, and in this video he is telling her who she is and all the amazing qualities that make her, her.

by Kelsey Frasier 1 week ago

Found on my trending and I am so confused like who is gabby did she die did y’all break up like ??????

by Chloe Kurtz 1 week ago

Why after this was the recommendation gab “telling my boyfriend I don’t want to marry him prank”😭😭😭😭

by eVade Karmaa 1 week ago

He’s changed completely and it’s really really sad..his mood and the way he talks and all that has changed and you can tell he’s hurting

by Cloudy-R6ツ 1 week ago

their relationship isn't over til they remove this account. just pray for them, I love you guys.

by I'm Kinda Oddish 1 week ago

everyones talking about this and that him being sad but you know he's hurting when he wont even put the rubber duck squeak over his swear :\

by Matthew Baker 1 day ago

me literally sobbing:
jack: "we're not crying"
me: well damn

by Abbi Emmonette 1 week ago

“You don’t really appreciate it, until it’s gone” 🙁🙁 jack and gab... I really want them back together maybe a little break is all they need.

by Sapphire Dinning 1 week ago

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