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iPhone Hidden Features! iOS 14 Tricks

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More than 10 new iPhone tricks and hacks you've never seen before. iOS 14 introduces a fresh color picker, allows you to change your default browser and even hide home screen pages and photos. What hidden feature is your favorite?
Apple Watch Series 6 hidden features: https://youtu.be/nduuAM68ejo
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Some more hidden features in the new Apple Watches 🤯

by iupdate 2 weeks ago

scroll wheel
colour picker
compact notifications-calls & Siri
Home Screen tips
safari Java script update
change default browser
updated hidden photos feature
widget stacks
camera features
location features
new back tap feature
Apple Music updates
new weather app feature

by Tree Aroha 2 weeks ago

Everytime u say “IOS 14” i always think u say “When I was 14” 😂

by Intr0verted F3male 1 week ago

Actually I felt like Apple should put a passcode whenever we want to access to “hide” album in photos. I felt it’s more security 😭

by Kasheng Chong 2 weeks ago

When i was 14, i didn’t have an iPhone

by Tsetsi 1 week ago

Is it just me or other people also hear ,,I was fourteen” when he says IOS 14 😂

by Elmo from USSR 2 weeks ago

These features are as hidden as the photos in the “hidden” folder

by White Mail Privilege 3 weeks ago

I love how is mom calls and he’s like you can just swipe it away

by Allisson Marsh 2 weeks ago

I keep hearing “when I was fourteen” instead of “iOS 14” 😂💀

by intellectual unicorn 2 weeks ago

ios 20 be like: ok so when you triple click on a contact you teleport to them wow!

by carley desi 1 week ago

Damn, she’s gonna have no problem ghosting me now.

by Zævir 2 weeks ago

He just ignored his mom like isn’t that just wrong

by anjum nasir 1 week ago

🥰 thank you I was looking for the edit pages thing and it turns out I have to tap on those page dots yupiii 😍😁🥳

by Cheyenne Eden Di Voltenheim 1 week ago

The music one! I was considering switching to spotify, glad I can stay fully in the ecosystem. That's fantastic

by Isaac Frohlich 2 weeks ago

damn homie didnt even answer his mom

by jay degrace 2 weeks ago

Nice list! But it's raining in my city Bergen right now on the west coast of Norway and although my weather app does show that it's raining, it doesn't show that new "rain progress" feature you've got on yours, eventhough it's the same app. Is this a US only feature?

by Didrick Namtvedt 2 weeks ago

The weather feature is awesome. I hadn’t noticed it yet as it actually hasn’t rained here in a while. I’ll be watching out for it

by Of Luxe 2 weeks ago

It’s the feature to hide the “Hidden Album” under utilities category and the Back Tap feature. 😍😍😍

by Charles Ihua 2 weeks ago

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