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These Roblox Babies aren't normal...

ItsFunneh photo 1 These Roblox Babies aren't normal... ItsFunneh photo 2 These Roblox Babies aren't normal... ItsFunneh photo 3 These Roblox Babies aren't normal... ItsFunneh photo 4 These Roblox Babies aren't normal...

"I'm not first"
"I'm not last"
"But most importantly"

"This is unoriginal"

by Layla Mitchell 1 weeks ago

Kat : don't talk to strangers
Kat in roblox stories : *talks to people that she doesn't know but pretends she knows them*

by Val 1 weeks ago

Krew: trying to protect the baby
Lunar: yeeting a cooler at Draco and Rainbow

by Majid Wasi 1 weeks ago

"These babies arent normal..."

Neither am i 😌 ●>●

by Samantha Rivera 5 days ago

"These babies aren't normal"

Me: of course they are not normal they

Don't have hands

by Nas Ma 1 weeks ago

“We’re all good parents but ARE
Me: I can do that in 2 secs with the
Ppl I know
Yes it short sowwy

by XoxCharlixox 3 days ago

“And we can drink water, while in water” 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 *sniff sniff*best quote of 2020 😔👏🏽

by XxcloudygamerrxX 1 weeks ago

Title: These roblox babies aren't normal.....
Me: Well duh, they're obviously not normal their the KREW. And the KREW is one of a kind

by ItzLeah Fruit 1 weeks ago

when the dude in the first round said "BaCk AwAy" i was thinking SiX fEeT aPaRt

by chong Kim 6 days ago

The Krew being babies is the most wholesome thing EVER.

by bluewu moon 1 weeks ago

Funneh: See parents, can drink water while in the water...
Me: superhuman :{D

by Onnalie 1 weeks ago

Is anybody gonna talk about lunar and funneh’s brown highlights?! XD 🤣

by Adama Sesay 1 weeks ago

Funneh: Draco eat this! Me: Getting BNHA flashbacks

by {BNHA FanClub} 5 days ago

Her: Roblox babies aren’t normal
Me: well duh square heads no arms or legs

by Peachy Boba Cake 6 days ago

Funneh:I can't swim
1 min later
Funneh: swims

by Rzz_Own 1 weeks ago

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