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ItsFunneh photo 1 ROBLOX GACHA LIFE... ItsFunneh photo 2 ROBLOX GACHA LIFE... ItsFunneh photo 3 ROBLOX GACHA LIFE... ItsFunneh photo 4 ROBLOX GACHA LIFE...

The Krew Members but Funneh: *Trying Their Best To Make The Character Accurate*
Funneh: *Pick The First Item She Saw*

by KyariaDraw 2 hours ago

Funneh: Desperate to unblock Rainbow
The Rest Of Krew: Casually dressing there characters like nothing is wrong.

by Dopey Door 2 hours ago

The rarest thing in 2020: Funneh plays something related to gacha life. 20 years later... Funneh plays the real gacha life.

by Alli_Wolf_Queen 1 hour ago

No one:
Not even Draco:
Funneh: I think we need a dramatic gacha backstory UwU

by Raw Boredom 1 hour ago

"don't I need a dramatic gacha backstory"

Me: The hated child becomes the hybrid princess stories flood in

by •Cherry Blossms• 2 hours ago

“The ice cream Machine is broken” every single McDonald’s excuse 🤣

by Norma Alcantara 1 hour ago

ItsFunneh Gacha Story
Funneh: Lalalalala just a normal day of gacha school
Draco:Gimmie your food!
Funneh:Bleh >
Krew: Dying Of Laughter

by Brisa Ledesma 2 hours ago

No one

Not even a single soul
That won girl:

“Help I have FaLlEN aNd CanT GeT Up”

by •ᴅɪɴᴏ• 1 hour ago

"Dont i need a dramatic gacha backstory"

Me: *The hated child becomes the Hybird Princess flashback*

by • Ruby Diamond YT `w` • 32 minutes ago

i wish gacha life people can actually walk like that
"but sadly they cant"

by pretty_ prex 1 hour ago

Funneh: my father is a wolf and my mother is a thing
Me: wow

by Irin Shiju 2 hours ago

Funneh: "dont i need.. a dramatic gacha backstory?"

Me: "okay lemme get ur character in gacha and start a new project :D"

by •RøselynShadøw • 1 hour ago

Don’t I need a dramatic Gauha story?

Flashback when cringe has started

And who make The Krew gacha life/ gacha club cuz I do

by xBøbaTeaPłayzx UvU 1 hour ago

Funneh: "Don't I need... a dramatic gacha backstory?"

Me: "Lemme just start a new project in KineMaster-"

by GachaTea Studios 3 hours ago

“I am a sad chi-“
insert depressed 5 year olds Gacha life accounts

by Lilah G 1 hour ago

“My parents ars a wolf and my father was a snake”
So much confusion-

by Crazy weird Willow 2 hours ago

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