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Xbox Series X is a lot faster

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Early impressions of the Xbox Series X are in and the consensus is that the load times are incredible! Of course, Microsoft hasn’t allowed reviewers hands on time with Xbox Series X dedicated games just yet but there is a whole slew of backwards compatible games from last gen to try! That’s right, Sekiro, Red Dead Redemption 2, Control, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps have all been put through their paces on the Xbox Series X and the general feeling across multiple outlets is that the Xbox Series X is going to be a cross-gen monster. With the ability to effortlessly push games all the way to their framerate caps of 30fps and 60fps it’s really exciting to see where the next generation of consoles and solid state drives will take us. Join us today as we gawk at the blazing fast Xbox Series X load times on today's edition of Inside Gaming!
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[Gamespot] Xbox Series X Hands-On Preview - Less Waiting, More Gaming https://bit.ly/3cDbTXs
[VentureBeat] Xbox Series X impressions: No going back to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 https://bit.ly/339wLmc
[IGN] Xbox Series X Hands-On: Load Times, Quick Resume, and Compatibility https://bit.ly/348bfNU
[IGN] Official Xbox Series X and S 1TB Expandable Storage Drive Costs $219.99 https://bit.ly/2S7Tj0c
[Twitter] geoffkeighley https://bit.ly/30eUejQ

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Inside Gaming photo 1 Xbox Series X is a... Inside Gaming photo 2 Xbox Series X is a... Inside Gaming photo 3 Xbox Series X is a... Inside Gaming photo 4 Xbox Series X is a...

Right after Brian said "Instead, you can redownload SSDeez nuts" an ad played, and I never felt angrier in my entire life.

by George Rodriguez 1 month ago

Gamespot say Series X doesn't really improve things.
Digital Foundry says the Series X is impressive and blows the One X away.

I think I know who I'm going to listen to and it's not Gamespot.

by Paul Kerton 1 month ago

I love how during the logitech ad read connor had the logitech headset on. Immediately after he was wear a totally different headset

by Nigel Calloun 1 month ago

Always hate on xbox that's why y'all didn't get one 😅

by Luther Martinez 1 month ago

LOL these guys are salty as hell that they didn't get a prototype.

by awdgaray 1 month ago

Hey Inside Gaming did you even watch Digital Foundry 's review ? They are no fans of Microsoft and The XBSX even managed to impress them.

by Mac Denton 1 month ago

Y’all need to watch Digital Foundry’s coverage - it goes over all the 60fps situations...

by Jeremy Locanas 1 month ago

There it is. What we've all been waiting for...for months...Never gets old.

by Promis QS Panda 1 month ago

Once again, gotta point out you're only paying about $50 more for the Xbox memory card and get over twice the speed of a Portable SSD of the same size.
That is actually a decent price for enhanced, proprietary technology.

by Anthony Floyd 1 month ago

If the game has a locked frame rate, the Series X can’t do much more than stabilize it until that restriction is turned off by the developer or ... Microsoft? Word is Microsoft has a way to turn those caps off without the developer coming real soon! That is when we will all be super excited!

by TurboChards 1 month ago

Here comes another reviewtechusa video after he watches this video.

by MandosGTIAllDay 1 month ago

Brian is definitely a PlayStation fanboy any little dagger he can get in with a comment that's negative about Xbox. He turns into a stabbing hobo.
The bias is strong on this show.

by Robert Holmes 4 weeks ago

Hell, when I saw the xbox series x, I felt like the monkeys from 2001 lol

by Darth Weeaboo 1 month ago

Shock and horror, the pcie 4 SSD on XSX costs the same as a pcie 4 drive on PC. Just incase you didn't know that IG...

by SARNIAN SPARTAN 1 month ago

You know what might sell those Logitech headphones to me a bit more... How about recording the episode with the Logitech mic?

by Thought Experiment 1 month ago

Why do they pretend 3rd party isnt releasing games?

by Albastine S. 1 month ago

Brian is pretty stuck on the "old games" bit

by RobzStuffz 1 month ago

logictech needs to chill on that script holy shit.

by Feelin Awesome 1 month ago

Going from a mechanical hdd to pcie 4 ssd. Of course it is faster. Not sure why everyone is so suprised

by gerard hut 1 month ago

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