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Among Us But The Imposter Is Dumb!

#no cursing #inquisitor master roblox #roblox funny moments #roblox inquisitor master #Gaming
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by InquisitorMaster 6 days ago

"Good thing i'm following Zach, hes gonna protect me!" Literally 2 seconds later.. "AHHHH"

by Taylor Jordan 6 days ago

Zach: Ah drake is dead! Im so scared I’ll hide in this vent!


Zach:pops out and kills alex*

by Hailey Mayfield 5 days ago

"there is no such thing as asteroid task"
Me: thats not a thing here? Even tho I did it?

by Gacha Lia 1 day ago

Light: Hi alex!

by Cooking With Nari 5 days ago

Light: I’m not impostor
“Light was the impostor”
Jade:I nEw It!!!!!

by GachaGirl YT 3 days ago

Zach: I’m freaking out. Imma hide in this vent”
Alex: completely ignores Wait a minute..
Zach kills Alex “You saw nothing..”

by Estate Conklin 5 days ago

Alex: "Good thing im following Zach, he's gonna protect me!"
Zach: kills Alex
Alex: "aaaAAaaAh gibberish ughh you little idiot!!"

by Alana Ray 3 days ago

Alex: "Good thing I'm following Zach, he's gonna protect me!"
Zach: NOPE
Me: Or NOT...
Alex: "Oh IDIOT"

by Michelle Pong 4 days ago

How to know when zach is imposter
1 If reactor always goes off
2if he blames people without proof
3 If he blames of faking tasks
4 if he says don’t throw it

Hope this helps
( like so squad can see this 👍)

by Galexy Gamer Girl 5 days ago

To the person reading this: You’re the only person who can make your life better. Stay Safe❤️ (Im a small youtuber looking for help)

by chanonano yt 4 days ago

Alex: good thing zach is here he's gonna protect me!
Zach: "kills alex"
Alex: ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Me: Seriously that was a bad idea alex don't trust zach he will kill you

by nena Lepon 3 days ago

light is the only one without an “a” in their name

(why did i say that-)

by HelloitzNorth! 4 days ago

Alex: Zack is gonna protect me
Zack: kills Alex
Me: so I guess killing people is protecting them 😒

by Cara Mcswain 1 day ago


Alex: wait a minute

by Alexis Levandoski 6 days ago

This is how many people would LOVE to see Alex in real life

by Melanie Pierce 3 days ago

Charli: Getting voted out every time..
Me: Does anybody even listen to her..?
Also me: Whenever Charli is NOT talking, she gets voted out. And when she IS talking, she also gets voted out..

by Vy Tran 4 days ago

you should make a song with the lyrics "you stupid fools I was the imposter" to play when the imposter wins XD

by Layla Rulli 5 days ago

How to know is drake is the impostor
1.he will say idk for EVERYTHING
2.A lot of people will die in night
3.Will accuse
How to know if Alex is Impostor
1.Will scream A lot
2.will make up an excuse of how she is not it
How to know if Zach is the impostor
1.things will sabotage a lot
2.accuse for no reason
3.Will talk in a weird accent
How to know if Charli is the impostor
1.will be mad at people accusing
2.Talks to little
How to know if light is the impostor
1.will be sad if people die
2.will be very defensive
How to know if Jade is the impostor
1.Will accuse others
2.will follow people
3.Mad at people

by Blueivy Jay 5 days ago

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