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ALL 40 Spider-Man PS4 Suits Ranked Worst To Best!

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There are currently 40 suits in Marvel's Spider-Man for the Playstation 4. One of my most popular videos was one of my first ever videos, where I expressed 15 suits I would like to see in the game and now, I wanted to look back at what I correctly predicted and rank all of the suits within Spider-Man PS4 from worst to best!
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InnovativeJdawg photo 1 ALL 40 Spider-Man PS4 Suits... InnovativeJdawg photo 2 ALL 40 Spider-Man PS4 Suits... InnovativeJdawg photo 3 ALL 40 Spider-Man PS4 Suits... InnovativeJdawg photo 4 ALL 40 Spider-Man PS4 Suits...

Hey everyone! For those wondering where the Upgraded Suit and Stealth Suit are in this ranking, I made an updated bullet list video shoving the two of them into the mix.

Make sure to check it out!

by InnovativeJdawg 1 year ago

I think if Noir had the trench coat it would be higher

by Oddysi XL 1 year ago

They should have gave him a Spider-Cop costume considering how many times he references it!

by Mystic Z 6 months ago

2019: I wish they had Miles' suit. 2020: now I see why they didn't have it

by Donnacha Cahill 5 months ago

When he said the Raimi suit is best my first thought was pizza time

by coolcrazycatch 5 months ago

Wait a minute, isn't the future foundation suit just a PS5

by Under Foxy 5 months ago

When your favorite suit is high on the list:

โ€œGonna cry?โ€

by t o m m y 4 months ago

I feel like the noir suit would look better if it had the hat from Into the Spider-Verse.

by La mono feo 7 months ago

Spider-Man Developers: Youโ€™ll get your Raimi suit when you fix this damn door!

by Kevin Hicks 9 months ago

a lot of people were run over by a truck

by Ethan DeRaita 6 months ago

I know this is a super late comment but Ive recently been replaying the game and I thought itโ€™d be cool if in the next game they included the venom raimi suit.

by Lร˜CO 5 months ago

So we no gonna talk about those transitions in the beginning

by Lucas Hotgunshot1 6 months ago

that long handshake tho...

by Ahmad Soul 7 months ago

Secret war suit:โ€œThe colours donโ€™t match and it just looks messyโ€
Miles: Iโ€™ll take your whole stock of fabric

by Hayboom pizzaria 4 months ago

The spiderverse suit looks like a Disney infinity suit from the second game be honest

by Numberoneworm 123 3 hours ago

When the Toby maguire suit is first

Look at little Petey junior gonna cry

by Lewis Garner 4 weeks ago

Ah yes skin the honorable mention

by CocoaCola 1 day ago

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