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The Sweat Squad - FULL TEAM of 3KD+ TRYHARDS

ImMarksman photo 1 The Sweat Squad - FULL... ImMarksman photo 2 The Sweat Squad - FULL... ImMarksman photo 3 The Sweat Squad - FULL... ImMarksman photo 4 The Sweat Squad - FULL...

The true sweat squad that i wish would happen: Marksman, Handler, Dysmo, Nate Gibson, Futives and Exoghost.

by Kàz 1 months ago

Imagine marksmans kid playing cod in the future and when he’s losing his dad says, “pass me the controller”

by YVNG RAISIN 1 months ago

Fake marksman: “what’s the difference between me and you?”

Real marksman: “I’m not wearing hockey pads”

by Aakash Bangar 1 months ago

Even in a 6 man sweaty tryhard 3K/D team, Marksman is still the carry 😂

by Addy 1 months ago

Marksman’s team:uses sweat guns Everyone I match up against: write that down write that down

by Elijah Jourolmon 1 months ago

Yo these games were lit. We steam rolled everyone lol. Super dope 🔥

by Kharizma ツ 1 months ago

If you do this with Handler and Futives it would be even crazier

by D Lee 1 months ago

This is the only way to have fun in this game with SBMM

by Trinity Novas 1 months ago

Please say ‘Daily Dose of SnD’. Do it for the OGs

by Patrick McNally 1 months ago

The Sweat Squad: Price , Gaz, Soap, Simon Riley

by Pimp ahoe 1 months ago

I say do the opposite of this now, but I guess he already does that everyday

by Jeff Hutch 1 months ago

How to win a game of SnD
Get a combined 18. KD

by ツツxotic 1 months ago

Jus so y’all kno Futives said marksman doesn’t wanna play w/ him 🤷🏻‍♂️

by HellaWavy 1 months ago

When you bring 6 lvl 100s to the elite four.

by Dust 1 months ago

Marksman and his team of godly SnD players
loses one singular round

“Woooow you guys are so trash”

by Expert Olive 1 months ago

This is the first time I've seen Nick die, and then see the his team's score go up after the round :)

by Shampooburns 1 months ago

Hope he makes more sweat squad vids.

by Fallen7X7 1 months ago

This lobby has the smell equivalent to the high school football locker room

by Ryloc 1 months ago

Marksman and his squad rushing in SnD
Opposite team: Wait, this ain’t TDM

by Napalm Man 1 months ago

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