NLE SNAPPED! | Nle Choppa - Shotta Flow 5 | Reaction

ImDontai photo 1 NLE SNAPPED! | Nle Choppa... ImDontai photo 2 NLE SNAPPED! | Nle Choppa... ImDontai photo 3 NLE SNAPPED! | Nle Choppa... ImDontai photo 4 NLE SNAPPED! | Nle Choppa...

Dontai in the chair: ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️↖️↙️↘️↗️

by ScOpia Demon 5 months ago

When Jack Harlow said "Who want to get on Whats Poppin Remix"

Tory: I will
DaBaby: Me
Lil Wayne: Shii I'm on
NLE: Sorry, I gotta wash the dishes

by Toxic Marcosss 2 months ago

Someone said in the chat “this the worst one” you high bro?

by KaithoAnimz 4 months ago

When dontai reacts it literally give the song +100 more hype

by Skeet On the meet 5 months ago

"Apple is a fruit, right?" - ImDontai 2020

by RKSTATE BEATS 5 months ago

When nle is 60 years old he will have 1k shotta flows

by Scape Goat 5 months ago

Does he not realize the nle with a Afro is him in disguise from Camelot

by Kerm1t_boii _ 4 months ago

What’s going down is u washing dem dishes

Nle: the dishes?

His mom: the dishes.

Nle: ok momma


by YBO_henny 5 months ago

"Shotta Flow FIVE"
puts up 10 fingers

by u0a -iwnl- 5 months ago

Most rappers: flexing new drip, lambos, and gold teeth
Lil Tecca: flexing his golf carts, and braces
NLE Choppa: flexing his clean dishes

by Stephen Burger 1 month ago

I love that NLEs fame ain’t change him and he still act like a high schooler 😂

by Jassi Mangat 5 months ago

That Toy Soldier game was lit, the kitchen level was a pain in the ass

by Halas 5 months ago

nobody ever to exist:
dontai: makes a 3 min vid a 15 min vid

by Liam Edits 2 days ago

“Just like the army, we have some artillery” love that

by Nol Arm 5 months ago

dontai like yo homie thats lowkey annoying asf but everyone still love him

by OCTO MAC 4 months ago

Shotta Flow 1: Guns
Shotta Flow 2: Still Guns
Shotta Flow 3: girls
Shotta Flow 4: ...
Shotta Flow 5: DISHES

Edit: Guys I am aware Shotta flow 4 exists. Stop reminding me

by Ariz Animates 5 months ago

the game, if someone didn't already say it, is called army men: sarge's heroes. i played it on the n64 though. there was also an air force version and a sequel, "sarge's heroes 2" when you said that it gave me flashbacks

by Jack Knopp 4 months ago

When he mentioned Sergeant’s Army, my childhood came back. That game was lit

by Will Willis 3 months ago

When NLE Choppa started snapping tell me Dante was acting like a kid that just got the PS five

by Yet Yerrr 5 months ago

I played the shit outta toy soldiers on PS1 growing up

by Jonathan Scimeca 10 hours ago

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