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Christmas In Rockefeller Center 2020: Brett Eldredge Is The Christmas Prince | EXCLUSIVE

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NBC’s ‘Christmas in Rockefeller Center’ is back with music and lots of surprises! Hosted by some of your favorites from TODAY, the special returns Wednesday, Dec 2 to celebrate and revel in the festive holiday season and Brett Eldredge joins Noah to chat all about it! The tradition of the Rockefeller Christmas tree dates back to 1931 during the Great Depression. The first official tree-lighting ceremony occurred two years later in 1933 in front of the then eight-month-old RCA Building (the current Comcast Building). The Christmas tree gathering was enhanced in 1936 with the opening of the Rockefeller Plaza outdoor ice-skating pond. NBC-TV televised the tree lighting for the first time in 1951 on “The Kate Smith Show” and as part of the nationwide “Howdy Doody” television show from 1953-55.
Purchase Brett Eldredge's holiday album and more: https://www.bretteldredge.com/glow #BrettEldredge #ChristmasInRockefellerCenter #Christmas2020
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He's for sure the Christmas King!

by fancyklm 2 months ago

This so Beautiful amazing Brett is"" I'll be watching""💞💞😃🎅 ❄ 🎅 ❄

by Donna Marie Pszoniak 2 months ago

You look so dapper Noah! Always been a dream to spend Christmas in NY and seeing the tree lighting and other stuff! Maybe someday. Happy Thanksgiving Noah!

by coolnegative 2 months ago

Great interview Noah. Brett's Christmas album Glow is the best, that man can sing!

by Cheryl W 1 month ago

Awww I just love how sweet noah is noah if you read this I'm a big fan of you.❤

by Jaime Partida 2 months ago

In December 2nd 2020 Welcome To The Christmas In Rockefeller Center 2020: Brett Eldredge Is The American Christmas Prince | EXCLUSIVE

by Olliveiro McAllister 1 month ago

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