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Marvel's Avengers - Official Story Trailer

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A new Marvel's Avengers story trailer shows off what happened after the Avengers disbanded, and how Ms. Marvel must work against MODOK to reunite the team.
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I’m kinda glad that the main villain is Modok. He’s a smart guy who didn’t get the glory he deserved in the MCU.

by JD Gaming 2 weeks ago

"Unlimited power is dangerous."
Palpatine: It's treason, then

by Pixelman 2 weeks ago

Me: (Sees AIM) So that's how Avengers and Spider-Man are connected.

by Animatron Pictures 1 weeks ago

I feel like this game has a lot of potential, the trailer its really giving me X-men vibes. Can't wait to see how it plays out

by darth memeboi 2 weeks ago

I feel like I'm one of the few people who is super optimistic about this game. Of course it's not gonna be perfect, but it's gonna be fun. And I've been waiting for something like this since the first Ultimate Alliance. 2nd and 3rd were meh

by NickoliPrime 117 2 weeks ago

Why do I feel like we're gonna be fighting endless waves of stark tec suit clones

by Spectrum UK 2 weeks ago

“This game really makes you FEEL like The Avengers.” -IGN probably

by Brizey 2 weeks ago

It wouldn’t be Avengers if they weren’t fighting each other again

by BIG DADDY CHOCO 2 weeks ago

the soundtrack sounds like civil war movie theme song a lot

by Ivander Yehezkiel 2 weeks ago

The name tag on Thor's shirt says : Blake, a nod to his comic alter-ego Donald Blake. Glad they included this minor detail.✌️🤩

by Sourav Paul 2 weeks ago

Modok is the villain? This game is gold. I'm sold.

by So Niche 2 weeks ago

Glad they changed Black widow's model lol, used to look like lord farquaad.

by Sithu zaw 2 weeks ago

I’m excited for this game. I don’t care if it ends up being bad, I just want to play it!

by ElliYeet 2 weeks ago

I see you trying to make him look like Thanos 😏😏

by Brenin Watson 2 weeks ago

This is more interesting than i thought

by MUSTAFA MJ 2 weeks ago

Must admit I love that they aren’t going for the mcu looks or storytelling which would have been the easy option.

by I’m nobody 2 weeks ago

FINALLY! A trailer that actually makes me want to get this game!

by STRIKER 374 2 weeks ago

I hate how this comment section is filled with upset and confused mcu fans

by GroovyPlayz 2 weeks ago

This games looks so cool! I hope that maybe Hawkeye, Hank Pym, and the Wasp will be playable.

by Ender Goldman 2 weeks ago

Me: I don’t want an Avengers game without Thanos.
Sees Modok
Me: Who’s Thanos?

by Matt Gray 2 weeks ago

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