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Every Detail We Discovered in the Hogwarts Legacy Reveal Trailer

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We analyse the trailer for Avalanche's newly announced open-world action RPG - Hogwarts Legacy. Set in the Wizarding World in the late 1800s, players become a student at Hogwarts, learn magic and explore an open world.

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IGN photo 1 Every Detail We Discovered in... IGN photo 2 Every Detail We Discovered in... IGN photo 3 Every Detail We Discovered in... IGN photo 4 Every Detail We Discovered in...

This looks like a dream game for Potterheads so far. SO FAR.

by AMAN NAVLAKHE 2 months ago

The art design of this game looks absolutely phenomenal.

by Abhi Barua 2 months ago

Title: Every Detail We Discovered in the Hogwarts Legacy Reveal Trailer
Video: Tells the most obvious information that is right in front of eyes.

by SideNote 2 months ago

Hufflepuff isn't in the shot because of course they're not.

by Jan Wouter 2 months ago

"You're a video game, Harry."
"Im a wot?"

by MiMiX2 2 months ago

Now Finally I can feel magical,
What the college of winterhold should have been in Skyrim :)

by Akagra Srivastav 2 months ago

I’ve been waiting for something even remotely similar to this for about 4 years I am so happy this has been my biggest dream for awhile. I’m so hyped for this

by GrillGuy 2 months ago

Dude editing this video:


by Tim Buck 2 months ago

My dreams of being a student at Hogwarts will finally come true!!

by Bruce Wayne 2 months ago

If this games can deliver 50% of what is trying to is already an amazing game, but if he can deliver everything, i smell a GOTY candidate

by NubMaster 1 2 months ago

After all this time you still want a new harry potter game?

me: Always...

by Thefriendlyman 2 months ago

All I ever wanted in a Harry Potter game was to explore Hogwarts. And it looks like we’re going to see more and I couldn’t be happier

by Wetdragonfly 2 months ago

They better do justice to Quidditch 🙏🏼

by Mr7omah4wk 2 months ago

Me: I have a high moral standard.

First moral choice: Takes slytherin and going to the dark side.

by Jef.92 2 months ago

“Zonkos Joke Shop”

shows weasley’s wizard wheezes


by TBHJR 2 months ago

This was a great trailer breakdown from someone that knows what he is talking about, bravo for once IGN.

by David 2 months ago

Since there is a character creator, can’t imagine how many Harry Potter look alike characters are gonna be created

by FallenRetro03 2 months ago

I am beyond excited for this. It's like a dream come true.

by Michael Charron 2 months ago

"Zonkos Joke Shop" ..Shows a picture of Weasleys Wizard Wheezes in Diagon alley

by Ryan DeVane 2 months ago

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