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Relic - Official Trailer I HD I IFC Midnight

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Opening in theaters and VOD July 10
Directed by: Natalie Erika James
Starring: Emily Mortimer, Robyn Nevin & Bella Heathcote
RELIC tells the story of Edna (Robyn Nevin), an elderly and widowed matriarch who goes missing, and her daughter Kay (Emily Mortimer) and granddaughter Sam (Bella Heathcote) who must travel to their remote family home to find her. Soon after her return, they start to discover a sinister presence haunting the house and taking control of Edna.
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Not sure what everyone's problem with the brightness is but I just watched this with a projector, which is typically a lower quality than a TV, and I was fine. And I highly recommend watching it, it's so creepy. It's not like Hereditary at all. Much slower, much more haunting, but it doesn't have it any moments where you're cowering in fear. It wants to haunt you, not terrorize you. Alot like Oculus.

by The Bretchen Show 3 days ago

Another horror movie trailer that starts with a car driving along a long secluded road with a singular grace note playing

by Xx Rose xX 2 days ago

The family never should have bought the Evil Dead cabin.

by KM HorrorBiz 4 weeks ago

Does every horror trailer nowadays have to have the scratching violin string and tapping sounds just because Hereditary did it? I swear ive heard it on 20 plus trailers of late. This is just like the Prometheus BWAAAAAAAAAAAM that many trailers started using a few years back.

by ajax201 3 days ago

"Full Movie 2020"
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Pobierz film
Et gi Filmer

Erlaabt de Film praktesch ze verdeelen verdeelen

Ech hoffen dëse Saz wäert ophalen. Dofir gitt Dir zréck op normal

by Alisha 6 hours ago

"This house seems unfamiliar" Nana you had dementia ofc it is unfamiliar.

by Lucky Shit 1 month ago

The characters in this movie have never heard of such a thing as light bulb or a flashlight.

by Stargaze79 2 weeks ago

I like mystery movies and at the same time hate it when the ending stays a mystery.

by TreeAttacks StupidWoman 1 day ago

The infection of death, spreads one generation to the next, that’s my explanation of the end, the hole movie is a metaphor for Alzheimer’s disease,

by TomMatthews 1 day ago

Call a Witcher to get over that dank house proceed by either:
- Reason with the creature into leaving folks in peace
- Clues to appease this possible sentient being
- Hack it to pieces

by Desth O 2 weeks ago

I thought it was the remake of 1990s Relic but this is quite decent to watch.

by Ari Awan 1 month ago

The film is too dark, literally. I can't see half of them.

by Doll Face 2 weeks ago

I kept expecting Emily Mortimer’s character to say, “Ow...careful! My bones.”

by Luis Perales 1 week ago

Sadly not a remake or a sequel to the cinematic masterpiece that was the Tom Sizemore "Relic" movie. shucks.

by Caitlin Stamper 4 weeks ago

watched it and was very disappointed, dragged, not a good story line and the ending is not satisfying 😣2/10

by Sherry 1 day ago

This is either gonna be the next hereditary or the next stupid conjuring universe movie

by soiung toiue 1 day ago

What's with horror films these days that everything is so dark you can't see shit?! Ugh!

by 1 week ago

This looks really good! I love the lighting and cinematography. The concept is also fresh! We might have seen something similar before, but I’ve watched this actress and I like her. Give some things a chance! IFC Midnight has never disappointed me!

by Lalunakitty Entertainment 2 weeks ago

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