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My cute new PUPPY - Save the Squirrels initiative

#idubbbz #My cute new puppy - Save the Squirrels initiative #chicken #idubbbz diss track #Comedy
In this video we train a puppy to become an expert squirrel saver. Also, the chickens are having a good time. They loved their vacation. Rottweiler puppy and chickens might not sound like 'squirrel' content, but trust me..it is.

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Two years and I still don’t know if you’re saving squirrels or killing them

by Carskers 3 weeks ago

This reminds me of Joji's development. He became a... mostly normal human being but you can still see glimpses of his old skin-suit wearing, hair-cake eating, sewer crawling self shining through every now and then.

by Bill Cipher 3 weeks ago

i like that his content is maturing as he and his audience gets older, its making his channel more timeless tbh.

by yung slug 3 weeks ago

I like how every single installment in this series strays further from the original premise

by Flyingpiggles10 2 weeks ago

Ian is like farmer thanos, he’s done his mission and now he’s living out the rest of his days on his farm

by John 1 month ago

hey ian I learned recently the best way to train dogs to go to the bathroom. dont say "go pee" except when shes ACTUALLY peeing, then say it repeatedly. once she's done, give treats. shell build an association with "go pee" to actually peeing, and that it's a good thing.

by D Po 3 weeks ago

You can tell Fiona adores him because she's always looking up at him

by PhrozenFox 3 weeks ago

Someone: *breaks into idubbbz house*

Idubbbz to his dog: FETCH ME THEIR SOULS

by CoTy Y 1 day ago

He has some nerve pointing a gun at a black dog

by Adman 76 7 2 weeks ago

Ian has retired as a cop and now runs a cult of animals worshipping jojo siwa

by Kairad007 1 month ago

Seeing this man happy over his dog makes me very happy cause he’s been though a lot

by Gengar Savage 3 weeks ago

I just lost my rottweiler of 13 years, she was my best friend. Thank you for making this video Ian. I hope you get the same love from Fiona that I always got, rottweilers are amazing companions.

by Jake Helfand 3 weeks ago

It's kinda wholesome how happy Ian looks. I don't recall ever seeing him be this excited about anything, and it's really nice to watch

by Robert Miller 1 day ago

It's crazy anyone else made this I wouldn't even click it

by MeOn nOEM 3 weeks ago

This feels like I missed two seasons of a story-heavy tv show and now I have no idea what's going on.

by Bowser The Koopa 1 month ago

Fiona needs to meet Kevin. This would be perfect

by Schloppe 3 weeks ago

This series went from saving squirrels from yogurt cups to invading their colony with tear gas

by CalebWaleb 3 weeks ago

I felt really sad when Ian hadn't post anything in such a long time. Now I realise it was for the greater good. Quarantine well spent!

by Ot Zilverberg 3 weeks ago

"That's not a toy, that's your body." -Concerned parent

by Stephen b 3 weeks ago

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