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I won 3 Impostor games in a row...

#IQ #Among Us #Disguised #big brain #Gaming
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#AmongUs #Impostor #WILDCAT

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I AM WILDCAT photo 1 I won 3 Impostor games... I AM WILDCAT photo 2 I won 3 Impostor games... I AM WILDCAT photo 3 I won 3 Impostor games... I AM WILDCAT photo 4 I won 3 Impostor games...

I never get impostor and you got it three in a row😂😂

by Jack Searle 2 months ago

"I wasn't being suspicious"
Wildcat: "Except for the part where you came out of the vent"

by RadKey 2 months ago

"Yeah uh I saw a darker color vent"

Tyler: is literally white

by NorthernLaw 2 months ago

Everyone: It has to be wildcat
Wildcat: No it blue.
Everyone: Ok let’s vote blue.

by Kevin 2 months ago

Wildcat has played among us with people I would never see him playing with

by LIVINGDEADx15 2 months ago

Let's be honest, wildcat is a pro at among us and he know it.

by XtractCrazyYT 2 months ago

"I won three imposter games in a row"

Something tells me it's wildcat.

"No it's blue"

Blue was not the imposter

by Korporal K. Reep 2 months ago

Classic Wildcat kill at the start. One of the cleanest kills there is.

by Hank Jr 2 months ago

Game starts

Me: looks away for 2 second Hears the entire lobby die.

by Kyle Laurain 2 months ago

Wildcat is becoming way too OP for this game. Soon the imposters will be scared of this man

by OwO 2 months ago

I just wanna say, it's really cool of Wildcat to put everyone's name into the description. No matter how little time they spend in the video. Not every person does that when they really deserve it.

by Sean of the Dead 2 months ago

Wildcats back must hurt from carrying youtube these past few weeks

by Yaboymemelord 2 months ago

Wildcat “McNasty wanna talk about it?”

McNasty genuine confusion

by L5_Clynx 2 months ago

Wildcat: "Easy win"
Everyone else: "Easy loss"

by STEEEEEEEE_1 2 months ago

Enjoy it Tyler. It's three times in a row then 3 hours of Crewmate.

by Jason Barrera 2 months ago

Can’t tell you how happy I am that Wildcats playing with TheDooo and McNasty😤

by DJREDWOLF 2 months ago

Fun fact: You can use Q to kill, E to use and R to report.
Thank you.

by ShadyxFN 2 months ago

Bruh YouTube gettin wayyy to comfortable with these double ads

by Aidan Sheets 2 months ago

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